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  1. In the rebuys and deeper stacked non-turbo versions I prefer playing a very loose game early with connectors (suited or not). As your opponents tend to have a stronger range, when you hit you get stacked more often. I only advocate this in position though!
  2. I think I play it the same. You check raise all in with as high as 18 outs assuming you haven't run into a set. It's just unfortunate you've run smack bang into the top of his range. Would you have called / shoved if his hand was face up on the flop? Try Pokerstoving it and checking your equity given his range.
  3. Grats on the Brawl buddy
  4. In my head I thought I was bluff catching BlueDog. (Fail!) I couldn't see many hands that beat me given how he played it. I didn't mind offering 20+ implied odds as I'm predominantly playing this hand for 2pr+ / combo draw value. I'm messing round with a min bet all opens LAG approach to try change up my game a bit. I think the biggest flaw I'm seeing in all your advice is that I needed to C-bet regardless of holding both for value and information. Just a position I'm not used to getting myself in as I'd typically open 2.5 or more this deep. Thanks for all the advice. Just helps me think about things a little differently while I'm trying something new to me. For what it's worth, here's the showdown: *** SHOW DOWN *** OMGCrackedACES shows [Kc Ah] a pair of Aces leeroydafish mucks OMGCrackedACES wins the pot (1,140) with a pair of Aces *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 1,140 | Rake 0 Board: [Ac 4s Qc 7d 3c] Seat 1: GregX89X (small blind) folded before the Flop Seat 2: OMGCrackedACES (big blind) showed [Kc Ah] and won (1,140) with a pair of Aces Seat 3: Kekim1 folded before the Flop Seat 4: leeroydafish mucked [Qh Kd] - a pair of Queens Seat 5: Pokerfunboy folded before the Flop Seat 6: Ticiz folded before the Flop Seat 7: Rekan61 folded before the Flop Seat 8: KingSodomizer folded before the Flop Seat 9: DeGamblor (button) folded before the Flop
  5. I'm really not sure going back over it now! (re C-bet) I think I need to review my C-bet %s, particularly when I have hit!
  6. No reads on villian - only 10 hands in Any thoughts on my actions in this hand? Was that a poor call on the river by me given how I played the hand? Thanks in advance Full Tilt Poker Game #31444037328: $12K Super Stack (Early Antes) (244259170), Table 8 - 25/50 Ante 5 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:54:22 ET - 2012/11/17 Seat 1: GregX89X (6,215) Seat 2: OMGCrackedACES (4,733) Seat 3: Kekim1 (3,687) Seat 4: leeroydafish (6,105) Seat 5: Pokerfunboy (5,448) Seat 6: Ticiz (2,895) Seat 7: Rekan61 (5,139) Seat 8: KingSodomizer (4,200) Seat 9: DeGamblor (6,603) GregX89X antes 5 OMGCrackedACES antes 5 Kekim1 antes 5 leeroydafish antes 5 Pokerfunboy antes 5 Ticiz antes 5 Rekan61 antes 5 KingSodomizer antes 5 DeGamblor antes 5 GregX89X posts the small blind of 25 OMGCrackedACES posts the big blind of 50 The button is in seat #9 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to leeroydafish [Qh Kd] Kekim1 folds leeroydafish raises to 100 Pokerfunboy folds Ticiz folds Rekan61 has 15 seconds left to act Rekan61 folds KingSodomizer folds DeGamblor folds GregX89X folds OMGCrackedACES calls 50 *** FLOP *** [Ac 4s Qc] (Total Pot: 270, 2 Players) OMGCrackedACES checks leeroydafish checks *** TURN *** [Ac 4s Qc] [7d] (Total Pot: 270, 2 Players) OMGCrackedACES bets 150 leeroydafish calls 150 *** RIVER *** [Ac 4s Qc 7d] [3c] (Total Pot: 570, 2 Players) OMGCrackedACES has 15 seconds left to act OMGCrackedACES bets 285 leeroydafish has 15 seconds left to act leeroydafish calls 285 *** SHOW DOWN *** to come.......
  7. Hi Eric, Please fill me in on how checking behind doesn't get you to a cheaper showdown? I'm not being a jerk but I just don't see how it can't get you to a cheaper showdown! Smaller pot equals smaller villian 3/4 pot size bet on river surely? You've also induced him to bluff by under-repping your hand. If he has the weak 10 or 7 it might be the only way to get value whilst getting you to showdown cheaply if you're behind and for the same price. Sorry for jacking the thread DJ!
  8. What was the purpose of the bet on the turn? a) to get value? b) to make a better hand fold? With a weakish hand you would be better to check behind on the turn and try get a cheaper showdown if you're not confident you have the best of it. With your opponent description it sounds like you're likely behind or he's defending top pair. I think your fold is fine given what you've said.
  9. 10 seconds of my life I'll never get back
  10. Find a girl who can appreciate your hobby. Life is just plain wasted if you're continually making compromises one way or another. It's like moving on from a job you hate, you are always better off in a totally happy space.
  11. I just powered through a 400 seat rush tourney. Bubbled in an hour and a half and smashed a heap of hands in that time. Felt real good being back "home". I missed a few little things that Stars has (like position tab) but I'm sure it will all fall back into place and it will be like we never spent time apart!
  12. 3bet shoving will remove variance and turn you into a pussy magnet
  13. Also try increasing your "I must double" stack size to 15bb. You're betting getting 15bb in at 40% than your are getting 8bb in at 60%. To win, you must be willing to die.

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