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    Sunday illionaire
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    software, web, data management
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    La room des renards de lsne
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    Self development, game strategy, slackline-climbing, snooker, sports, BJJ
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    home games 0.1/0.2$ 0.25/0.5$ PLO8 - NLHE - PLO - 10games
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    The Biggest 8 / Sunday Million

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  1. UL Tony, hope that things turn around and he'll do the right things.
  2. sick that I learnt the game with the Boyz there... dam i feel old.. Times changes but some crushers keep crushing. GG Pxf, it was a lot of fun. ty.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/dCbZI Pretty funny Champ, I like the move ;-)
  4. Grats on the win, happy to see you're back. Stars keep the same path, another shame to blame, whats scary is that it kinda feel usual from them, like Trump, we get slowly used to it and therefor have to accept it i guess. GLGL in the futur :-)
  5. lena900 p0cket00 PKaiser C. Darwin2 samsquid sixthsense19 robinho hello_totti
  6. Dude is on fire, grinding every day and cashed for 40k+ the last 7 days. Will he get the 10M badge before the scoop start ?? Post your opinion ITT GLGL Sebastian !!!
  7. Thx for your feedback Kev, also thanks for the report of the news.
  8. Def agree with this + it gives a couple of shots to a nice payday that will induce some more players to play the main. Kinda open the door to a summer dream :-)
  9. Lenail


    Miss RedIceRap, part of the good old dayz..
  10. Kev, do you have some ideas about winamax ? Is that a rule from the regulator in france ?
  11. If the players are that bad and exploitable, i feel i would flat and see whats going on after because i feel its not the kind of situation/position where we can really exploit the weak players. Getting in a click war with utg+1 seems odd cause if he reclick back AK seems never ahead vs that type of player. On the other hand qjuice's statements makes a TON of sense.. i also like shoving this 37bb eff and takes whats in the middle (if that is 25%). Pretty confuse now, i like SL's low variance line but i like the 25% in the middle.
  12. As long as we are able not to get stacked off with top pair vs one of the villain, playing QJs for straight-flush-2pairs-set value is ok. What i wanted to pointed out is that vs 2$ mtt players with no reads, i feel that there is other spots where we can get more value than this one. And those spots are so much juicier that i feel passing on these hands is slightly better. Again, i am not saying that this is not a profitable hand to play by flating, its just that as long as we does not know who we are up against (from MS mtter reg to total donkey) i feel confuse on how to play the next streets. (would completely differ from a type of player or another). I tried to make my life as easy as possible at these stakes, have been too many times in a guessing game there, leveling myself on semi-draw boards with top pair and ended up loosing a big pot cause utg was strong and played strong (or utg played a premium by passively calling everything). Like to read what others line would be on certain flop texture and EP's players action.
  13. In a higher BI with more competent player i would surely play it another way but here my reasoning is as follow : In micros, my main guideline is taking value from hands, playing ABC and exploiting bad players i have reads on. Most micro players tend to not being able to fold enough therefore superior holding gain a ton of value vs their mid holding and QJs is barely not the kind of holding i like to take in this strat. Villain is utg so if we raise and he 4bet, looks and easy fold w 40bb+ here, but if we raise and the "donkey-micro-player" flat, we are in guessing territory a lot imo. In micros we gain so much value from certain spots that i tend to just fold here, sure its +EV to play it a way or an other but in a vacuum with no reads, i feel folding is ok, makes life easier :-) so imo : fold>flat>3bet edit: just seen that utg+1 flat... well makes raise and flat a little better but still, i feel folding with no reads is ok.
  14. closed here, not much interest. Wacky and Pandick, i will sell it on 2+2 and forwarded your % there, idk if i am allowed to post the link but i posted there on the online staking thread. Anything shoutout on Skype :-) GL everyone !!

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