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  1. Few questions about online MTT

    Wow that's some nice free advice from pros I'm getting here... Unfortunately poker isn't working out for me 😕 And it's been very confusing for me for a long time wether it could work out or not, i'll talk about that in another topic. A lot of duality in this game too, often I felt like I could easily beat micro-low stakes in cash games (like NL25), good win-rate, reads on players etc, but I can never keep up with it in the long-run... So all players who say or pretend they can beat this or that stake, well I'd like to see them do it over a period of like a week, for thousands of hands... I mean I take some of those brags or people that state such things with a grain of salt now, cuz I know how hard it is... And I have learned a lot though about what is needed to succeed or what your leaks are, but in the end things are often harder in reality than "on paper". Another reason I think why it's very hard to be a grinder and winning consistenly is because of the way poker is played by most players (at lower stakes). It's often a real gambling war which makes the swings/variance crazy. Even at these cashgames...

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