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  1. Better just to have a desktop then with just 1 big screen 🙂 u have so big screens these days, don't see the need for different screens unless u gotta be able to check on lots of important stuff,
  2. Mobile processors or gpus are alwyas weaker than the desktop versions. I realised (especially after i bought a better pc) my 2yr old laptop was already too slow to play a single table fluently, on ACR.. So at least intel i5 I'd say, it depends idd on more factors like how many poker clients u use at once, how much tables etc, perhaps hud too or streaming. Also it's good to have a big laptop screen, which is not so easy to find I think, that is sufficient to play 4 tables at once (next to each other).
  3. I had some good results in tournaments, and found my pleasure back in poker, however I keep going down again and can't seem to keep up with it. I think my discipline is bad. What tips or pointers can you give me? https://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-Statistics//networks/WPN/players/LuckyGambler
  4. Sorry for late response, normally u can still verify it if you can show them proof of your name tied to an address (in a country that is accepted), so even if you don't live there. Like some kind of bill for something, maybe u could ask a friend to help u with (I did). U can also transfer some funds to another player but that is a limited feature.
  5. Now I got this mail from them: "We're contacting you regarding your GGPoker account, registered under the email *. Due to recent changes in our country eligibility, I'm afraid we won't be able to verify you as a player while you have a Belgium address.In order to keep playing with us, we kindly ask if you can provide us with a proof of address from a country other than your currently selected country of residence.To see our list of eligible countries, you can simply see the ones available for selection upon registration.In order to verify your new address, we will need to see the
  6. I'm not a guy of all the theory, but if you are profitable/sustainable in the long run will show from itself. It's not a great winrate, but as long as you stay profitable.. I'd keep learning/studying and then u can move up in stakes, to my feeling the skill of players doesn't always go up. I remember a good book that could help you, "crushing the microstakes". Good luck.
  7. Geen probleem, het was ook niet echt "advies" 😉 Pokerstars is one of the few legit online poker rooms here, along with unibet & Bwin (partypoker). Pokerstars I never really liked, think they're very greedy too. Some of their pko tournaments with big pools interest me though, but I can also play those on other sites. Unibet is a bit like ggpoker, lot of fish/loose play but is much smaller in player pools. I don't really care about legal status of a site anyway, allthough a lot are already blocked by default, such as 888, winamax, bet365 etc, not all though. On ggpoker I reg
  8. I suggest you look up which sites are legal in your country. Some that are illegal you could possibly still play on, but make sure they accept you otherwise u might not be able to withdraw money. Personally I like ggpoker and the wpn network like americas cardroom.
  9. I wanna help, need nothing in return. Just been looking for some poker friends/wingmen for some time too 🙂 By the way, imo if you're a good poker player/mind, you are your own greatest coach... That's also a lot of voume you're playing, that's fine as long as you can keep sharp. I'd have a problem though to play my best game when you're playing for pennies..
  10. Think you should be more specific, speed, playfield etc..
  11. You were wrong lol, as I thought once they see your id and that you live in a country that is not supported, they will just not accept you, and so it happened.. At some point you can't even deposit anymore and withdraw would never work either I suppose, only thing u can do is player to player transfer but that is max 10$ a month lol. Rip my ggpoker, at least it feels a bit better now that I wasted my prizemoney already LOL. I got a solution to it however but for now just playing on wpn network, which is in theory also not legal in my country but the site itself doesn't mind 🙂 with
  12. I can't play even play on GG anymore, had to verify my account and says my country isn't supported, can't even withdraw lol.. By the way the rankings on this site are really not accurate. For example top earnings, saw that bencb has about 35mil$ earnings alone on pokerstars, and he isn't even on the list... What's the deal also with real names on gg though, do you automatically play with real name in higher stakes tournaments?
  13. But depositing is easy & anonymous with bitcoins for example.. But for withdrawal u need to verify your identify by passport or drivers license which shows your country of origin...
  14. Recently I won a pretty big prize on ggpoker, but I realized it could be a problem to withdraw. Cuz the site is available from my country but it's still not in the "legal countries" list and they seem to ask proof of identity before withdrawal. Now there could be alternatives like a p2p transfer to another player but they are probably watching that too for suspicious activity. Can anyone help me with this..
  15. What is in your opinion the most efficient way of playing in poker? Or what is your personal style, And why? I'd categorize it in 4: 1) "GTO" 2) tight/aggressive 3) exploitative 4) Nit

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