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  1. I'm not a veteran but I'd suggest mixing the 180 mans with some bigger field mtts. I don't play 180 mans but I mix in small field tournaments with satellites and bigger field tournaments. I started taking poker a bit more seriously late last year and have built a decent bankroll this way, 300-5000. At the beginning I tried to just concentrate on small fields but they can be pretty boring and playing them exclusively was making me lose interest... so over the last three months I've started to play more big field tournaments. I enjoy them way more and that makes me more enthusiastic about watching vids, reading books etc. I feel like my game has majorly improved over the last few weeks, mainly because I'm enjoying poker more which makes me more willing to learn and to focus while I'm playing. The micro millions are on at the moment and they are fun and the fields are soft so if I was you I'd throw some money at them while continuing to grind the 180 mans or small field mtts.

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