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  1. Hand Information , 600 BB (9 handed). Hand History converter courtesy of pokerhandreplays.com Table Information Seat: 1 player1 ($28528) Small Blind Seat: 2 player2 ($32378) Big Blind Seat: 3 player3 ($32839) Seat: 4 player4 ($29808) Seat: 5 player5 ($16265) Seat: 6 player6 ($51371) Seat: 8 player8 ($26151) Seat: 9 player9 ($70601) Seat: 10 Hero ($45255) Dealer Dealt to Hero ** Preflop (Pot:900) player3****FOLD player4****FOLD player5****FOLD player6****RAISE $1320 player8****RAISE $3960 player9****FOLD Hero? Sidenote there is a 48 ante in play here. Both players are capable of making moves here. Normally if we were 100bb deep there obviously is no problem bluffing this hand/AQ/AJ etc. I do my best to balance here. Problem i had with this spot is 44bb 3 better, if i cold 4 bet im kinda priced in. 16k to win 39 here if we make it a shade under 11k and he ships. Do we ever have any bluffs here? or are we suppose to with this weird layout of stacks?

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