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  1. got some notes to hopefully discuss with you guys on a hand i recently played that led to my demise in a $22 3man zoom prog ko after going from chip leader to 11th of 11th to chip leader to out in 10th few hands later. i probably i butchered this one but i'd like to hear your thoughts on my thought process and any general advice on the hand, perhaps even late game icm strategy. i'll post payouts here too and a replay in the comments. for what it's worth my hud wasn't updating so i didn't have stats but rather a feel for the players (few hours of playing most of these remaining players) cheers in advance team BTN: 674,919 (VPIP: 60.00, PFR: 27.50, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 41) Hero (SB): 1,765,713 BB: 1,138,943 (VPIP: 52.50, PFR: 25.00, 3Bet Preflop: 7.69, Hands: 46) Pre Flop: (pot: 45,000) Hero has Ks 7s fold, Hero raises to 75,000, BB calls 50,000 Flop : (157,500, 2 players) Ts 6s 4h Hero checks, BB bets 75,000, Hero raises to 225,000, BB calls 150,000 Turn : (607,500, 2 players) Jh Hero bets 1,463,213 and is all-in, BB calls 836,443 and is all-in River : (2,280,386, 2 players) 4d Hero shows Ks 7s (One Pair, Fours) (Pre 47%, Flop 27%, Turn 16%) BB shows 6c 6d (Full House, Sixes full of Fours) (Pre 53%, Flop 73%, Turn 84%) BB wins 2,280,386 first mistake might be bloating the pot preflop with a relatively strong hand 3 handed, even opening 2.2 to control the size of the pot with our post-flop bets is probably favourable considering how deep we both are they did appear to be playing considerably more tight against me specifically, evidently by the preflop call by 66 (although trapping might be the optimal play for him anyway so this could be drivel) i don't see why we cant take initiative on this flop and lead for a standard small cbet, if our opponents are as conservative as we expect them to be we will be taking this hand down plenty of the time on the flop. i believe it was a mistake to check the flop, but when faced with a bet getting 3.1:1 on a call and check-raising with one overcard and the second nut flush draw, i think i still prefer raising. sizing could be reconsidered. we give villain 3:1 to continue and leave him with a stack of just over pot on the turn with our as played bet - does raising to less get the same job done? i don't think he folds anything to 199769~ if he's this deep in the tournament because he surely knows how crazy his pot odds would have been to that raise and folded like 10% of his range, so i guess the only other option is sizing up, does 239500~ carry more weight? maybe. if my plan is to pot the turn then it can't hurt to just make the flop raise look scarier. maybe his hand is even stronger if he shoves against our flop x/r so it makes it possible to fold on the flop? i think i like that line, after simply leading flop for 33%~ pot the turn is strange, and i have no idea what the optimal play is. at the time i thought i was representing big pairs and trying to get him to fold draws and marginal pairs/tens with my overbet. i wonder if betting 197787~ accomplishes the same thing as shoving. i guess he'll shove his specific hand and other sets, but top pair weak kicker and worse pairs might still fold on this offsuit overcard - (to a 33% pot bet as well as a shove) maybe he tries to let me rope myself some more and trap me on the turn too and i can just check-fold when i miss my flushes on the river. thanx for reading!

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