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  1. I know Im late to the party, but I got a good laugh at everyone talking about Duke getting "Pro Duke" calls……………THEY WON BY TWENTY
  2. I just started playing online again and was really surprised to see the lack of chop option
  3. The question is in the title, Neither carbon or Bovada offer a chop option, what are your thoughts on that
  4. I don't know why I'm even bothering, but i figured I would mention that i added 9 cashed in the last 2 days…… probably beginners luck
  5. Thank you both for your expert opinions. Couple things wrong with them. I don't think bovada is rigged, and no where did I state that I think its rigged. Also, I understand sample size, so I don't think that 2 weeks is a long time, but thats how long I had been playing at the time so thats the sample size i had. Im over a month in now and if you check out my results on officialpokerrankings you will see that I'm continuing to cash nightly, yet still not on bovada. as far as calling shove with open enders, thank you for picking the one hand where that happened to make your point lol. Also, I called a shove on a 6 high board with KK, pretty standard. thank you both for completely disregarding the point of the original post to go on random tangents though
  6. Ill start by saying that my SN on here is the same as my SN on carbon so you all can verify that i am a winning player. I have been on Bovada for about 90 days now, and carbon for about 2 weeks. I have cashed in a MTT almost every night since I first deposited on Carbon, and multiple mtt's some nights. Im the 90 days ive been on Bovada I have cashed 2 MTT"s. I took so many bad beats early that I started tracking them. Take a look at this list and tell me its possible to run this bad. I just palyed a MTT today where I got it in good 3 times, and lost all three, which prompted me to search for this thread poker run outs(all ins) R 2-19 AA vs 57 dude hits 2 5s J9 to flop the nuts, flush draw gets there 33, flop a set a8 flush draw gets there AA vs QQ queen on the flop AA vs KJ ……. runner runner straight AK vs 45…….. 2 aces on the flop, runner flush 66 vs A10 I shove on the turn with a 2457 board and he calls with a10 and hits an ace on river 1010 vs QJ lose to quad queens 56 flop nuts, flush draw calls and gets there 74 flop nuts 2 pair calls and gets there j9 flop nuts flush draw gets there a9 vs jq jq spikes a J KK vs a9 ace 1010 vs 55 I shove a 3 4 8 baord and get called, 5 on the river AK vs 10-7 i 3 bet, he 4 bet ships, i call, ace on the flop, runs out the flush AQ hearts vs k10 off 2 hearts on the flop q on the turn, only a non heart king beats me , k of clubs on river KJ vs 8-10 straight 67 in the BB flop 2 pair dude flops straight 99 vs A5, i 3 bet A5 calls and rivers an ace AQ vs JQ 4 he 4 flushes KK vs JJ King on the flop, runner runner straight AK vs AQ queen AK vs AQ double paired board split pot 10J vs AQ 910J flop 2 clubs, i bet flop he raises i shove get called and a king peels AJs vs q10 jack on flop queen on river QQ vs A10 ace AJ vs A10 kqj flop 10J vs 85 i hit the straight and he rivered a boat A10 vs 105 all in on a A105 flop 5 on the turn K9 vs AK 6K9, ace on the turn AK vs A4 a4 3bet ships pre and hits a 4 10 10 vs 8/9 flush for 89 KQ vs k8(me) 248 flop I shove get called by kq, queen on turn

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