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    I grind 3-4 days a week, mid stakes MTTs. 6-14 tables.
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    I work for team phatty
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    Movies, beer pong, drinkin (leininkugels, jager bombs, gr8ful deads, etc), watching P0KERDUUDE run a
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    $2-5 NL shorstacker
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    FTP $50c and 30r... any cubed tourney on stars.

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  1. I think a lot has to do with the stacks ur shoving into and your position in the remaining field.. where you'd be if u dbl and the likelihood of getting thru, if ur shoving into some deeper stacked opponents who are kind of handcuffed by other big stacks behind them that could wake up, makes shoving a bit better imo than if ur jamming 9-15bb into a bunch of other 9-15bb stacks willing to go w/ hands like 66 and AT its not as good imo.. on the flip side if ur ripping 15bb into a few 3-6bb stacks, and a few 30bb stacks, I like it a bit more, but at the end of the day still have to run good and a

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