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  1. My understanding from the stars text, among other stuff I've been reading is that you'll need a residence/house abroad, utility bill, and bank acct, all within that same country. Stars FAQ says they want something like a new photo ID from the country of residency and a utility bill... thus I'm doubting somehow that showing a short-term lease agreement(which is hardly comparable to a government issued ID) in a vacation rental in country 'x' would be adequate proof of residency. That seems too easy somehow. Citizenship is much more difficult to obtain, and unnecessary for many of us for what we're trying to achieve... unless you really intend on relinquishing your citizenship to the US. You really wanna apply for a visa and wait weeks/months to get back into the US one day to see your family, etc? Even with the prospect of dual residency, you can still count on paying US taxes. Own a home or have US investments? Taxes will bind you to our country indefinitely. Gaining residency seems like a much more simple/less permanent solution to these problems. What would one need to gain RESIDENCY in the countries mentioned above itt? Anyone with more info or who embodies the ambition to research it... would be appreciated and admired The bank acct is a given because American banks will have nothing to do with the poker transactions, netteller, etc. Most foreign banks will require passport and a national address/utility bill(from what i've read..but could arguably be incorrect). Something else I read, if anyone has more info... is of claiming your money once you return to the US after your travels abroad. The two options are to adopt a home abroad for the long term so that the foreign income exclusions apply, or to go abroad on some kind of visa(many only 90 days, therefore not applicable for the tax exemptions mentioned above). If we return to the US for more than 1 month per calendar year, we must claim our bank acct xfers(foreign accts to US accts) and cash being brought into the US/US banks exceeding $10,000, including reason we're transferring such a suspiciously large amount of money. I suppose it'd be legal to make mention of our actual reasons? Thanks for starting this thread! Good info so far..

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