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  1. I rarely come on here anymore, but for some reason I was motivated to check this thread. So sad to hear the latest news - Was really hoping you'd win the battle.
  2. Sad to hear the last update bro. Thank you for chronicling this over the last few years - it's been a roller-coaster journey. Good luck and stay strong.
  3. they were covering NYC and Dallas. It happened live while on air. We were watching as it happened.
  4. watching it now...wow was watching it, and saw three people down...not sure if the other two where hiding or shot
  5. Good lord Kris Bryant...2 doubles, 3 HRs, 6 RBIS.
  6. The fires in SoCal are a bit too close. Just bought a place in the northern area of Azusa back in April. Fire is less than 2 miles away.
  7. what a momentum swing after Desjardin missed that empty net. wow.

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