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  1. Is poker stars rigged ? the facts.

    I can quite confidently say I am the most experienced player in this entire thread that always, still do and always will scream from the highest mountain that online poker isn't, nor can POSSIBLY be, the remotest bit random!! 16 years and over 10 million hands and I' done nothing but run terrible the entire time. I've never had a single heater in my life lasting longer than one game. The last half decade has seen around 70% losing days in SnG, small % MTT, all the while maintaining one of the highest evbb/100's possible in all formats, easily comparable with other winning regs I've known over the years, or 100's of thousands of hands from them on my database. The incessant, relentless ridiculousness, day in, day out for me is beyond the imaginable. I can watch video after video from top players, like epiphany, bencb, anything from RIO etc and the differenece between their card distributions and mine is like the differnece between football and bird watching...the two just don't compare remotely. I've never EVER seen a turn or river during a tentative shitting-your-pants-cuz-u-know-you're-always-losing post-flop check/call down that wasn't the absolute nut worst card you wish to see. I have an EV graph worse than anything I've seen on any forum anywhere ever, and it's been consistently this way since 2004. I can't even begin to go into the details on the patternisations very easily noticed, how when certain things happen you can physically see the RNG doing it's absolute bullshit thing. It's always stated these so called RANDOM generators are regulated, we all know this is pure and utter hogwash. I believe they have a way of doing the simple thing of making AA dealt the correct of times, and all that irrelevant bullshit to fool any potential regulator into thinking all is ok, but there's a trillion other variables in which to conceal the massive biases that there 100% are. My data alone would definitely be enough to make a supreme court judge sit up and listen for sure.

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