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  1. To which pokerstars responded me with this: Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 23:15:43 -0400 > From: security@pokerstars.com > To: xxx@xxx.com > Subject: PokerStars Security - Real Money Transfer Inquiry > > Hello Mayu, > Thank you for your reply and explanation, we do appreciate your > response. > > In order to assist us to investigate this further we ask that you > please provide us with the Moneybookers account to which you were > instructed to transfer the funds. Please also provide the real > name you were given of the person who contacted you in Skype as > well as any personal details you were given regarding the > Moneybookers account owner. > > In addition, it would be helpful if you could forward to us a > copy of your Skype conversation. If it is in Spanish we may have > our Spanish speaking agent to examine it. > > Your cooperation is appreciated. > > Regards, > > Bev > PokerStars Security Team I proceeded to send the chat log between the scammer and I, send them all the information I could give them about the scammers, and within a day or two they reinstated my transfer abilities and said I hadn't done anything wrong so that the money would remain in my account. I had never heard about granSICK nor huesodj so I really don't know what the right thing to do is, they were probably in fact scammed and I was used as a bridge, but I didn't know I was being used so I feel bad for them but It doesn't feel correct to just give them back the $400 just for being considerate and now I'm the victim of the scam. In the other hand there is a small probability that granSICK and huesodj are associated with the scammers, but I don't think its the case in this situation. So basically I would like to ask you guys for your opinions on what the right thing to do is here?

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