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  1. mattwut1

    triple crown

    probs a stupid Q but wot makes up a triple crown?
  2. do you think we have any FE here with him betting pot? though its obv a very big draw i feel by doing that i am pretty much calling a 3000 chip bet with a pot of 3800 with v low blinds
  3. What do we do here? early on Full Tilt Poker Game #13488620920: $16,000 Guarantee (99619085), Table 20 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 12:32:46 ET - 2009/07/19 Seat 1: callmethenuts (2,945) Seat 2: jgard (4,275) Seat 3: Thekid1386 (2,130) Seat 4: Garyz (5,665) Seat 5: Mattwut1 (4,393) Seat 6: Piano_Keys (3,580) Seat 7: dtalgirl (3,365) Seat 8: amnesiahaze9 (1,590), is sitting out Seat 9: smackay86 (2,885), is sitting out Mattwut1 posts the small blind of 25 Piano_Keys posts the big blind of 50 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Mattwut1 [Ac Qs] dtalgirl folds amnesiahaze9 folds smackay86 folds callmethenuts folds jgard has 15 seconds left to act jgard folds Thekid1386 folds Garyz folds Mattwut1 raises to 170 Piano_Keys raises to 400 Mattwut1 calls 230 *** FLOP *** [4c 5c 2c] Mattwut1 has 15 seconds left to act Mattwut1 checks Piano_Keys bets 800 Mattwut1 has 15 seconds left to act Mattwut1 has requested TIME
  4. sorry ive lost the HH, but 9 way table bl 600 1200 with 125 antes, CO has bout 30k im in BB with AQs and 24k. CO has raised and took 1 pot preflop this is all ive seen him do as its a new tab. Folded to CO who makes it 3600, your BB what do you do?
  5. fold or ship pre as played cr all in on flop hes def Cbetting and leaves you with FE, or monster draw

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