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  1. I have been questioning myself alot about this actually. Been looking at the rebuy period of this sunday 200r and noticed some big names such as Moorman, Flush_Entity, Wizo, Pessagno and more getting in there not rebuying at start. 71/76 players did add-on, even did G's zee w/ 16k stack at that point, but one did not, Flush_entity kept his 2k stack blinds goin to been 60/120 w/antes. Seems like at some point, if you did great during rebuy period, adding-on doesnt seem to increase that much your chances of winning based on a chip/stack ratio and doesn't change much the range you're goin to be playing post add-on. (adding 25bbs on 130+ or adding 25bbs on 25... is really different) I guess this is a matter of table draw in that case since this mtt has a small and very tough field. I guess extra money spent on rebuys aint gonna compensate for extra $/game. I'd like to hear some HS guys on this, my strat so far has been really table and seat dependant, especially in a 1r1a format (playing up to 50r, and 100r occasionally on sundays). I tend to keep my only rebuy as a 2nd chance to get to the add-on more then a way to play uber deep... But in most 1r1a, theres no min stack on wich you can rebuy meaning you could pay for the extra buy-in has they annonce the add-on period? I guess this too is a matter of how deep your table as been playing and who has the stacks.

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