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  1. They got there by lack of competition and repeating the same thing over and over again. So yea, you can make money by doing it. It's called rap music. And I clearly quoted OSUdipshit with regard to PM's because every time he plays, he PM's me lol. Thankfully that's only once a month.
  2. Yea, sorry I reply to your PM's lol. I think they are pretty funny tho, so I must tell you how funny they are lol. Maybe PM someone else when you're lonely and you wont get rejected :)
  3. No, they don't have any skill in music. You confuse popularity with skill. They cant even rhythm, they just talk lol. Pac had skill, Eminem has skill. Being the most popular of the withered rappers doesn't mean they have any skill. Poker has nothing to do with music. music is strictly based on popularity. They got there by hypnotically repeating things, so your argument doesn't make sense. Sorry I made fun of your idols lol.
  4. Their servers are down. They will cancel the games and do chip chop if game is past late reg once they get back online. And they will continue on like this doesn't happen lol
  5. WPN doesn't have billions to grab, I doubt anything will happen until they do.
  6. You make some weird assumptions, Frick. It's impossible to play and work and not live in moms basement? I sense jelly ITT.
  7. Sounds like some people that need to get better at poker lol. But you'd rather cry rigged than admit you suck lol. You guys are more than welcome to quit, but you wont. You'll just keep complaining lol
  8. There has to be a way to ban this guy for spam or something. Its the same dumb post over and over again. And he won't even follow his own "advice" and he will be back playing online whenever his bipolar flips. How many posts and threads and blogs should he be allowed to post the same tired bullet-point dumb shit? At some point enough is enough lol.
  9. You would have to figure a guy that crushes so much would play more often on the site with the money, but $5 mergaments are too soft I guess lol. Also gotta love the 35% limp and 5% 4x raise as the only way he plays hands preflop lol. Can somebody get this man some money so he can really try to play?
  10. What would you call them then, if not socialist? And can you post a quote where he says that please? I have not read this book you speak of, probably because it was written in 1946. And I'd really hate to disagree with the likes of Ayn Rand and Ron Paul. Maybe we could discuss what fallacies Bernie used to make points that this book covers?? Because I think we have a different understand of how our economy works.
  11. What is Bernie not understanding about economics? First sentence in the post. And Trump doesn't know anything about anything, that's given. Why do you say this tho? That's what I asked? not what your opinion is but why?>
  12. What was Bernie not understanding about economics? Are weekly vacations to Vermont more expensive than those to "mar-a-lago"? Its not in question that the money is there, it's just what you're going to spend it on. It tough to listen to a person who's been involved with politics for 50+ years. Reality show hosts probably know more eh?
  13. I never said all religions were the same. I said if you took their books literally they were all horrid. I will say that many of the mono-thesis religions are similar, but that's because they all use the same blueprint and plagiarize the same stories. The Quran isn't a book of new or unusual ideas. It has some wild interpretations of the pagan myths used to create it, but so do most religions. Since I didn't say all religions are the same, I didn't say all forms of government are the same. However, again, they are similar. America's rise to the top power in the last 100 years has set
  14. You take the book literally tho. Every religion is horrid, if you take the words in the books as truth. That's why most tend to interpret their religion, or in some cases write a whole new book, in a way that is tolerable to society. Of course there are going to be those who actually believe the myths so fully they would rather die than change. But all religions have those types of people.. How would you respond you to your land being invaded and exploited by an overwhelming power of tyranny and aggression, and you did nothing to invoke this, except be who you are and live in that part of
  15. I had to LOL at "getting rid of the terrorists" comment. The "War on Terror" is eternal. It will never end as long as you believe there are "terrorists" out there that want to attack you. Their definition of terrorism isn't bound to race or religion or anything. The "War on Terror" is the single most profitable war our government has ever created. They aren't about to let it go to shit now. It's really amazing to me that it works, because it couldn't be more obvious why we're doing what we're doing to the world. America is an empire that will continue to expand, through force if n

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