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    I am a 19 year old college student at Quinnipiac University. I have been playing poker for5 years, mostly live. I do not get to play all that much online, and when i do donks often get the better of me. Do not let the stats fool you, im pretty dangerous on the table...and in bed...Im a huge fan of Indian Reservations!
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    32Red Poker
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    mdg0rd0n's basement, Turningstone Resort and Casino
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    Poker Hangin wit Girlfriend/Friends Movies Music Reading Being really really ridiculously good looking!
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    NL Holdem Cash Games that i SHIP
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    NL Holdem Tournies that i SHIP

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  1. 9-max Seat #2 is the button Seat 1: emir51 (52922 in chips) Seat 2: toomany7s (12964 in chips) Seat 3: inheritance (12898 in chips) Seat 4: PGB32 (15316 in chips) Seat 5: DopeHandSlim (63331 in chips) Seat 6: zhukvlad (13126 in chips) Seat 7: joosseus (19849 in chips) Seat 8: vncent1976 (19991 in chips) Seat 9: DaCumBacK1D (48990 in chips) emir51: posts the ante 200 toomany7s: posts the ante 200 inheritance: posts the ante 200 PGB32: posts the ante 200 DopeHandSlim: posts the ante 200 zhukvlad: posts the ante 200 joosseus: posts the ante 200 vncent1976: posts the ante 200 DaCumBacK1D: posts the ante 200 inheritance: posts small blind 1000 PGB32: posts big blind 2000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to DaCumBacK1D [9s As] DopeHandSlim: folds zhukvlad: folds joosseus: folds vncent1976: folds DaCumBacK1D: raises 4500 to 6500 emir51: calls 6500 toomany7s: folds inheritance: folds PGB32: raises 8816 to 15116 and is all in Dacumback1d: ??? This hand took place a little after the bubble burst in a 5.50 rebuy + addon NLHE (5k guaranteed) tournament. It presented me with a tough spot. So many variables to consider its almost mind boggling. First thing i do is kick myself for trying to push my weight around in mid position with the table chip leader to my left lol. Now im left with multiple decisions. PGB32 has 7.5bbs before the hand starts and he has to post bb. After my rasie, its only another 4.5 bbs to see his all in so im getting close to 4 to 1 on the call after already investing close to half his stack. This makes the call that more appealing/harder to get away from. Although i cannot be entirely comfortable in my call based on size of the bet; could be spewing 4.5bbs into a superior hand. However, i have bigger things to worry about. What is emir51 flatting with?? Is he simply using his position to legitimize a normally poor hand or is he in fact slowplaying a monster and im running into a dangerous situation. After i think about that for awhile, i have 3 options: 1. flat and hope that emir51 neither calls or raises...which seems like taking a shot in the dark but could be a financially sound idea. 2. isoship my 2nd chip stack at the table verses the leader, hoping to see a fold and play for a good amount of value against PGB32 3. lay it down in fear of running into a monster and an earlier than desired finish in this relatively lucrative tournament... all 3 have their pros and cons...How would you play it???

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