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    party organizer... m/c
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    M.X riding, beach activities, weight lifting, racquetball
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    NL/PL Omaha, $7.50/$15 and over
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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  1. lmao cash out how ??? 3 moth pemding for 3k id rather donk it away than wait another minute so i will...
  2. sweet way to spent the night 1 hand per hour at this rate ..obv im in 1st in the 15k guarentee so will shut down again lmao
  3. so sic of this site and there bull s h i t ways that they bend over the players that keep them alive and forget to use the vasiline..i will be spewing all my stack off tommorrow ive be pending cash-outs for more than 3 months id rather have fun and spew it away then wait another year for my cash i have thousands i will be spewing so come find me donking it away..and great shut-down this evening makes me luv-ya-so0much more cake/revolution...lmao i promise to play like a donkey and call all your all-ins ) gl at the tables im going back to live till a real site welcomes our us dollars so sic of being at the mercy of a few sites that take us in and bend us over ..can u tell im venting ..but seriously AM I WRONG ????
  4. ohhh they will ..but only after all us dumb f u c k s wait for a few hours lmao
  5. well done big field u done good son :) grats grats ....
  6. 4 tourneys owning 2 of them 1st 6th 10th and 21st so obv they will close it down lmao.. worst part is that we are at there mercy and will sit and wait for hours till they shut down or they will re-open when u knodded off from waiting so sic
  7. ya it use to do this atomatic now im scrabbling to get to tables in time really sux let me know if u find an answer i cant and checked hard for options but just not there anymore
  8. the link is to the hand i dont know how to copy and paste it to shows here it doesnt seem to work tell me how and i will..thanx
  9. im trapping here to get everybody all-in which works till miricle river..got in cheap even though i didt have a super premium hand did have a premium for the sitation..as46 one ss http://cakepoker.eu/en/HandHistory?Hand=xszNx7XBxcTAssTExMXHxIjFwcfDwc3H not sure how to open this page maybe someone else could for me for all to see and here is a split hand that mighht be of intrest think it was played right by me but so much by the others..got in cheap as def not a premuim hi/lo hand http://cakepoker.eu/en/HandHistory?Hand=xszNx7XBxcTAssTExMXBw4jFwcfDwc3H
  10. thanx alot guys now im gonna cry my big fat head to sleep on my gigantic pillow
  11. THATS JUST WRONG ON ALL LEVELS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LMAO
  12. hey i was gonna try the free month to catch some of my leaks but being a computer dummy i cat even figure ouy how to get the program to run while im online playing lmao....im sure its an easy i button solution so anybody have it..thanx all
  13. ive come to the conclussion i must be a very hated poker player for some reason ..i swear i have stalkers that will spend there day telling me how bad i am at poker..lol i always welcome bad players and tell them how well they played the game but guess thats just my train of thoughtif i believe a player is bad i more than welcome his company..i seroiusly have the same couple players that ive ovb muted by now head hunting me down and they always end-up giving me there hard earned stacks by the end...am i really that bad of a guy because i called with 10-1 odds and made a 1 outter lmao.or i catch a set beause they min bet there aa .well ask them and thgey will tell u so...to my haters keep-up the good work and WP :) i luv this gamei and feel free to add some more hate towards me below this is ur chance to let everybody know how bad i am ...thanx all and gl at the tables

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