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  1. Need some advice as to whether this reshove which hunted the short stack bounty but put me at risk from the bigger stack who raised to try isolate the short stack bounty was a loose move.. I realise this is the Saturday Bounty Builder and there is more emphasis on aggressively hunting bounties than normal but this still didn't quite sit right with me.. His bet indicated strength rather than just a simple reshove on his part - what are your thoughts? Plus I had a healthy stack and could have sat patiently waiting for the blinds to hurt the shorter stacks who will get more loose as time goes on. https://www.boomplayer.com/32496102_803381DCD7 Table '2810417642 56' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: fantomvmk (6284 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 2: 4Kings_Hit (9133 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 3: Girmes (4790 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 4: JohanGee (2847 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 5: MEEEEOOOOW (7432 in chips, $75 bounty) - THIS IS ME Seat 6: Oreh1 (1711 in chips, $112.50 bounty) Seat 7: I_ALL_CALL (8558 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 8: valdemaar74 (186 in chips, $75 bounty) Seat 9: SimbaDk (10792 in chips, $75 bounty) fantomvmk: posts the ante 15 4Kings_Hit: posts the ante 15 Girmes: posts the ante 15 JohanGee: posts the ante 15 MEEEEOOOOW: posts the ante 15 Oreh1: posts the ante 15 I_ALL_CALL: posts the ante 15 valdemaar74: posts the ante 15 SimbaDk: posts the ante 15 JohanGee: posts small blind 50 MEEEEOOOOW: posts big blind 100 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to MEEEEOOOOW [Ah Jc] Oreh1: raises 1596 to 1696 and is all-in I_ALL_CALL: folds valdemaar74: folds SimbaDk: folds fantomvmk: folds 4Kings_Hit: raises 1654 to 3350 Girmes: folds JohanGee: folds MEEEEOOOOW: raises 4067 to 7417 and is all-in 4Kings_Hit: calls 4067 *** FLOP *** [7c Qs Jh] *** TURN *** [7c Qs Jh] [4d] *** RIVER *** [7c Qs Jh 4d] [2c] *** SHOW DOWN *** MEEEEOOOOW: shows [Ah Jc] (a pair of Jacks) 4Kings_Hit: shows [As Qc] (a pair of Queens) 4Kings_Hit collected 11442 from side pot Oreh1: shows [2d 2s] (three of a kind, Deuces) Oreh1 collected 5273 from main pot 4Kings_Hit wins $37.50 for eliminating MEEEEOOOOW and their own bounty increases by $37.50 to $112.50 MEEEEOOOOW finished the tournament *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 16715 Main pot 5273. Side pot 11442. | Rake 0 Board [7c Qs Jh 4d 2c] Seat 1: fantomvmk folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 2: 4Kings_Hit showed [As Qc] and won (11442) with a pair of Queens Seat 3: Girmes (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 4: JohanGee (small blind) folded before Flop Seat 5: MEEEEOOOOW (big blind) showed [Ah Jc] and lost with a pair of Jacks Seat 6: Oreh1 showed [2d 2s] and won (5273) with three of a kind, Deuces Seat 7: I_ALL_CALL folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 8: valdemaar74 folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 9: SimbaDk folded before Flop (didn't bet)

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