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  1. beware of pokerstars

    Thanks for your responses I guess Ive learnt the hard way. I will cool down now and move on.
  2. beware of pokerstars

    Thanks bradqwer, maybe your right, maybe using the same credit card was my mistake. I cant really figure out why it would be fraud, lots of people don't have credit cards so family or friends do internet payments for them? But my topping up my daughters account was completely innocent, and a polite email from pokerstars explaining that you cant do that, would have sorted it all out, but I get instead an email accusing me of cheating, my account closed, my account balance taken. Maybe they have something in their small print saying they can take all your money, but its not a nice feeling when you feel youve done nothing wrong? And they wont respond to my trying to explain the situation. Anyway thanks again bradqwer I appreciate your thoughts.
  3. beware of pokerstars

    I play poker on pokerstars as does my wife and daughter. We only play the low cost games. Mainly 10 cent games. My daughters computer stopped working so when she asked I didn't hesitate to let her log on to her own pokerstars account on my computer so she could play a game. Next day I am banned from pokerstars, my account balance confiscated, and they accuse me of cheating? Honest to god I did nothing wrong. My daughter played a game on my computer, her own account, her own email address. This is because 2 different accounts from the same computer? Surly this must happen all the time. I have emailed them repeatedly and they wont respond about my account balance that they have stolen. If I achieve nothing else maybe i can stop them ripping off others. Maybe it comes from being number 1. They become over confident, arrogant, and unapproachable. Avoid pokerstars at ALL costs, but if you want to play with them, keep the smallest account balance possible, an amount you are prepared to be taken from you unexpectedly, don't let any one else play pokerstars on your computer, and don't use your credit card to top up some one else s balance, like I did for my daughter because she doesn't have a credit card. Do any of these and you will be accused of cheating and banned. Once you are banned they become unapproachable. Kiss your balance goodbye. This is what happened to me, and nothing I did was wrong.

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