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  1. if someone who reads this does database analysis please message me , will pay for it as someone who does this for a living i'd like very much to rid the site of this nonsense
  2. i play on here a ton and all eastern euros need to be banned that's really the only solution they play all day 24/7 have very similar frequencies/abi's
  3. probably in for high only , can we do winner takes all though ?
  4. about 4 months , peaked at 65k with an abi of $120 no live stuff
  5. guy owes me 1k , likes to whine and beak when he loses pots makes props that i win and then doesn't pay
  6. SCHEDULED E>=30 Opt-In 11,428 $4.34 $39.52 30.4% $49,568 88 yes , im sure loosen up your doo rag you wouldnt be a winner now even if you were allowed to play
  7. was just told i cheated to win this contest .... people really are stupid
  8. i agree with kevmode you're all a bunch of terrible idiots

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