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  1. Man I have been playing poker for years, sold action and played as a backed player, and I'm quite confused from this explanation. In the second example "Player B" sells a $2,000 package, but is only investing $1,000 later in the example. He's also selling as a 70/30 split, but you claim 80% goes to investors, rather than 70%. Have I missed something or is this an error?
  2. I agree it is annoying, but once it's done it's done. I suggest the bitcoin cashout option too. No you don't have to keep the bitcoin. I did a bitcoin cashout and had the funds in less than 2 hours in my bitcoin wallet, then all you have to do is sell the bitcoin for the same rate and it may take 3-5 days to post to your account. Still, funds in my possession in two hours, can't beat it.
  3. I am going to Jackpot, NV next weekend for the High Desert Poker Tournament. For anyone interested, I will be playing three events, with two bullets reserved for the Main Event. 4/29 - Event 1 NLH = 160 4/30 - Event 2 PLO = 240 5/1 - Event 3 NLH (ME) 2 bullets @350 ea = 700 Total = 1100 With 1.18 mark up: 5% = 65 10% = 130 25% = 325 So obviously the second bullet for the ME is conditional if we do not make day 2 on the first bullet. If this is the case, OR if I do not fire all 4 of these bullets for any reason, all unused funds will be returned to investors with markup. I am willing to sell up to 75% if the interest is there. Up to 35% may be withheld for tax purposes on cashes over 5k, unless other tax forms are provided. All funds must be collected by 4/28 or action will be lost. Thanks, Ryan
  4. It looks like the pot it about 42k on the flop, when SB stuffs the pot is just under 100k. I think we are seeing monsters in the closet when we start to assume V2 has us beat. I mean JJ and 99 are two really unlikely hands when you consider his entire flatting range, and still he may not have flatted one of these hands pre. When you say you are pretty certain you have V1 beaten, there is 96k pot and we have 79k behind and an over pair that we think is ahead of the all in player I think it's a big mistake to fold because of some perceived weird action from V2. To put him on exactly JJ or 99 based on one preflop call is pretty ludicrous imho and is most likely due to the fear of busting near the bubble. If he does have us beat it is just super UL. Also, the perceived edge we have over the table is not much to speak about when we are left with a 20x rejam stack. The 10-15x stacks still left can easily double or steal the blinds a few times in the next few rotations and leave us at 15-18x and they will be on 20-25x, which again is a really difficult stack size to exercise the perceived edge we have. Simply put, I think this is the exact spot we have been looking for and we should fist pump get it in.
  5. Let me elaborate. Ginger I have read your article before, however it was extremely helpful to read again. I am currently running on fumes in the confidence department, consequently working on my self-belief. I also agree with you that ego is a part of everyday life and, I think, it is closer to self-belief than confidence. That said, I think this thread is more about confidence vs arrogance than it is about whether or not to have ego.
  6. Thanks for sharing ging. Imho this whole thread is a battle of egos.
  7. Where did you buy this? Searching Amazon and all I can pull up are skins for the MVP...
  8. Congrats on the badge Will! Huge accomplishment! Thanks for sharing this story. I think most us poker degens have interesting stories of how we got into this game, I'm glad to hear some of yours! KEEP ON KILLING bro!
  9. I've been a daily reg since November, and I did not have HUD/HH software until April, and was winning consistently. HEM2 definitely improve my game, in that it let me review my plays and come up with different ways to play different spots, kinda like DLO said. I think at first the HUD made some of my decisions a bit easier, as I didn't have to recall memory or notes on a player to know the best play, but there have also been times where a HUD stat makes me override my instinct and I end up making a wrong decision based on a number, which I think is really bad. With the recent Merge updates, my HUD was not working correctly for a while, which at first was an annoyance, but after a session or two, along with playing more Bovada, I've come to enjoy no HUD again. All in all, there are definitely benefits to find with HUD, but it can also be the cause of wrong decisions, and I definitely do not believe it is necessary, nor do I think turning HUD off is going to drastically affect results in a negative way. I enjoy exercising feel/instinct, and when I use HUD I think it mutes a lot of that out.
  10. You gotta watch the video clip. Almost everything I've heard is anti-Stewart, but the guy that got hit ran out onto the track in front of the race car. Poorly lit track and a guy in all black. I have to say it's quite likely he didn't see him until the last second, if at all. The guy almost gets hit by another car before getting hit by Stewart's car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QJdBd0437U This clip is a good example of how Stewart is blamed for KILLING a guy. Jesus! Imagine someone jumped in front of you while you were driving on the freeway and they died, and everyone screamed that you are a murderer. This is a 3rd party viewpoint, not a judgment of what happened.
  11. Look at this, 5 days later and Merge has a brand new line up of tourneys today, all new structure and much less late reg/re entry time!! Such a weird topic, cause the only way Merge was making the GTD they advertise was staying open for almost 4 hours and letting the players fire 10 bullets....Now we have much lower guarantees and Merge got raked over the coals today, tons of overlay. I definitely won't miss building a massive stack early only to be firing a bunch of bullets right before late reg ends. The main thing I gather from this thread is that I need to get on Bovada and WPN.
  12. To me it sounds like you forgot to consider how they might perceive your hand. No raise preflop and you just lead out on 98x flop into all these players, you could have anything from the flopped nutz to a weak underpair to air. If I am playing against you I'm going to consider your range very wide, especially when you check the turn, and not worry too much about your hand, which is why a check-shove on the turn is going to payoff so hard. As far as being worried they have the boat or a better 9, I'd much prefer a hero call to a hero fold, to me this is one of those spots you have to get felted when they have your hand beat, it's too strong and too disguised to fold.

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