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    whats live poker?
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  1. Lots of fail itt but some great bands mentioned. Something to consider about metal is this isn’t pop music. Bands rarely can continually produce the greatness of their breakthrough album/albums. There are tons of bands that have 1 or 2 albums that i absolutely love and spin religiously, but dislike the rest of their work. This is why, generally speaking, a bands earlier work is usually regarded as their pinnacle compositions. It usually takes the angst and aggression of teens/young adults who are broke beyond all hell and trying to live their dream to produce the top notch stuff. There are exceptions however. These recommendations aren’t for the OP per say, while I’ve listened to all of his examples and still occasionally do, i wouldn't consider any of their work in the top 100 albums. Most importantly, music is objective, and to each their own. If Lady Gaga makes u feel the way these albums make me feel, then the artist has succeeded imo. The Absence-From Your Grave All Shall Parish-The Price of Existence Amon Amarth-Fate of Norns Arch Enemy-Burning Bridges Between the Buried and Me-colors/the great misdirect The Black Dahlia Murder-Unhallowed Byzantine-and they shall take up servants(actually flew to West Virginia for the weekend to see them. Yep, I’m a loser. Decrepit Birth-Diminishing Between Worlds (one of my favorite lead guitarists) Gojira-from mars to sirius/the way of all flesh Iced Earth-night of the stormrider Kalmah-swampsong Kataklysm-in the arms of devastation Lamb of God-(my ftp namesake) As the Palaces Burn Mastodon-Remission/Leviathan Meshuggah-Obzen Necrophagist-Onset of Putrefaction/Epitaph (songs leave some to be desired but maybe my favorite soloist) Opeth-impossible to pick an album Revocation-Empire of the Obscene Leaving out a ton but a start none the less. Obv omitting classics like Metallica,Pantera,Death,At the Gates ect.. If u can't find them u just arn't trying.

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