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  1. the reason is because in a tournament, effective stack sizes are smaller. when your opponent is out of position and he checks to you, he is likely to do the same thing no matter what you bet, so by betting small you lose less when you are bluffing and effective stack sizes are so shallow that when you have the best hand you will be playing for stacks anyway despite a 1/5 pot size bet on a flop. basically its another way to exploit positional advantage.
  2. the training sites are the problems, and its too late to destroy them. ur weekday mtts are ruined
  3. the only good that can come out of this for full ring grinders is if the regs move to stars.
  4. Nat, it rewards people that goto flops, not aggro players who 3b/4b preflop. It "rewards" the fish who play 30/9 or similarly but most of the fish don't receive rakeback, bc well, they are fish. So guess where the money goes... you guessed it, FTP.
  5. Speaking as someone who has played since the glory days, there is infinite valuable experience you can gain by grinding a bankroll up from an initial deposit, and the lessons will stick with you forever. Game selecting lower buyins with higher ROI will yield greater profits and less variance, I really don't understand posts saying otherwise. The live 10k argument for being backed is pretty weak nowadays the fields are not gold mines like they used to be, and it's dream chasing in a situation where you probably have a 15% roi and can only play one tournament for 3+ days. Just reiterating what others have said, giving 50% of your profits away and paying taxes makes it extremely difficult to play for a living without running above expectation. I used to play sngs, then bounced to mtts and cash when sngs dried up. Find the best games. If games are dry you drop a level below. Rinse and repeat. Save your money.
  6. i have played a lot of 2/4 and 3/6, and i don't think alot of mtt'ers would beat the games.
  7. i like threads like these. if u are a full time backed mtt'er (not in the elite class, but good) ur roi is probably around 30-50%. but slice your roi in half bc of your backer, and pay taxes and how much are u realistically making per year without running hot? personally i like playing sunday mtts, game selecting good live tournaments, and grinding cash during the week. this gives me steady income while taking shots once in a while. after every sunday i wonder why i even play online mtts at all, as i haven't had success in them in a long time, and i realize that despite me being +ev this could go on forever without me reaching my true expectation.
  8. cosign. i won't even play the scoop events except on sundays.
  9. Good post TT. When I said "bc you suck at poker" it was more of a general statement. So often I hear people say "I am a MTT player, not really a cash player" and most people say this/go this route bc they in fact, suck at poker. Poker is poker, any player who's MTT game I respect could hop in 2/4 and in a month be winning imo. I feel bad for my brother, who is bankroll building right now and I've been watching him at NL50 (I started at NL25 4-5 years ago) and its insane how many regs there are. Everything is just much more difficult.
  10. who exactly is "crushing" these games? they hardly even run anymore. theres usually only cap nl games going on at 25/50 on FTP, the stars 25/50 centers around ONE player. and crushing 5/10 and 10/20 is not easy at all, and its a game selecting nightmare, which is why i went back to 3/6 and 2/4.
  11. the sad fact is most of you just suck at poker, which is why you play tournaments. your level of thinking doesn't go past "i have ak, im all in" or "i have a flush draw, im all in".
  12. all shortstackers need to die, they ruin the games and annoy the fish and regs alike. There are a few articles for attacking shortstackers in the small/mid stakes forums on 2+2. The funny thing is shortstackers are only AT BEST marginally profitable now (most running at 1ptbb or under) at 2/4+ since everybody has adjusted but they are so braindead they just continue to grind rakeback instead of learning how to play the game the right way. If you need advice on playing against shorties PM me. http://www.tbonix.com/blog/uploaded_images/QuitComplainingAboutYourJ_4-716674.jpg
  13. wow someone actually reads klod's blog.
  15. not really feelin his crib... hevad khan on the other hand... his place was sick.

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