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    Borgata / Las Vegas
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    Playing and Watching Sports, Chasing after my Daughter
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    PLO 8 MTTs
  1. Of course picks will be sent ahead of games. I will say we are 100% since last month. AGAIN this is more a mathematical approach. The play last wknd was RAVENS ML.over BROWNS (a SWEAT) This past wknd: 10/1 METS ML Miss/Memphis OVER If you can't trust MOOKMONSTER who can you trust
  2. No this is not a scam. If you think that, you are an idiot AND 1- Then you don't know me 2- I'm not asking anyone to invest, just throwing the idea out there.
  3. Not on each bet. I'd hope for a 10-15% return on investment.
  4. I think it was 09' but I did say Mookie Betts will Crush the MLB.
  5. The 5-6% would me for AUM and everything. We break even the first month, not $1 comes out from the Fund.
  6. I was contemplating 5% but I have decided to take 0% (for this fund) off the top and only 5-6% when we profit. I think that also shows we are in it to win and not to just guarantee money by taking a % off the top.
  7. Hey Doug. No of course I will make plays available prior to the games. I use the concept of what we refer to as "LEGS". We want to hit 1 leg for the day. In tracking the LEGS, we are 30-1 (after today)
  8. 10-15 % is the plan. It is aggressive but my hope is that is part of the attraction. There is another one that's in Australia now producing 17%, so it's doable. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-27/hedge-fund-returning-17-on-sports-bets-moving-to-europe
  9. Hi OT, So I know most of the regs know I'm am an Attorney but I also have a degree in Accounting. Over the last year, I've been crunching numbers and experimenting on launching a Hedge Fund / Mutual Fund. This would be a totally different type of Fund because instead of Stocks, we would concentrate on investing in Sports Betting. While I have been working with a Professional Handicapper, I am confident this comes down to a mathematical formula. Without going into too much details on our formula, it has been a very successful (and very lucrative) 8 month trial period. I am in the

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