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  1. gangster double nightly win. Keep it up!
  2. 1005 shipd on ftp to gettin daize for team
  3. in for both shipd 710 on ftp, playn tons of volume
  4. lookn to ship the funds who am i shipping to on ftp?
  5. ty all for the support and kind words, it was really never in doubt after the sick freeroll of bkice had the chiplead from 80 left till we got 4 handed and i lost the chiplead for exactly 6 hands and pretty much coasted to the win
  6. agree last week wasnt suppose to be in and it was the highest prizepool ive ever seen for that tourny so plz put it in
  7. i lost over 7k a few weeks ago on a sunday only playn on ftp and stars got crushed in both 100 rbys and 200 rby no cashes
  9. nevermind i put up a post and idiots replied at will so i am done majority of the pple on this site are a joke so some1 else figure it out and let me know when were playn

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