Mr. Blonde


  • Profession retired
  • Favorite Place to Play Live PokerAtlantic City, NJ
  • Hobbies What's a hobbie?
  • Favorite Cash Games Omaha 8b, .50/$1 and under
  • Favorite Tournament Game Omaha 8b MTTs, $10 and under

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      OT Greatest Band Nomination/Discussion

      Sep 24th, 2018

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      SirLiesAlot commented about Mr. Blonde: "Was I one of the owners you were waiting to hear from? If I was, sorry. Couldn't remember if I was in it last year or not. I'd like to join again but it's not the end of the world if you gave it to someone else and I miss out. Just let me know. Draft at 9 tonight?"

      Jan 13th, 2013

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    Mr. Blonde is a former optician and who registered as a PocketFiver in September '05. A staple of the Off Topic forum, Mike is the founder of "Micro Mayhem," a contest that allows small stakes online poker players to compete against fellow PocketFivers in a challenging and fun environment. Mike also serves as a volunteer forum moderator for PocketFives.

    Inside the World of Micro Mayhem Apr 02, 2009