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    I am 41 yrs old. I am married with 8 children.
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    32Red Poker
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    Never been to a casino
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    Spending time with my wife and kids, play video games
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    The one filled with Euros(no offense)
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    750k on FT

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  1. I will first say I dont play many stt's, but I will still give my opinion. I like the limp preflop. Im not trying to biuld a big pot from early position with a medium pair. The call of 60 is fine too. Keep in mind there arent a ot of flops that look good for 8's, so when you flop an over pair, I think you should lead out with it and find out where you are. Having said how I would play it, I dont think playing passive in the early stages is a bad strategy. It allows the weak players to donk off their chips with things like AJ high. You can sit and wait for spots to be aggressive when you have the advantage, and a medium pair utg+1 isnt one of those spots. Next time you post a HH, try not putting the results in, cuz this will affect peoples opinions. GL

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