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    The one filled with Euros(no offense)
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  1. I will first say I dont play many stt's, but I will still give my opinion. I like the limp preflop. Im not trying to biuld a big pot from early position with a medium pair. The call of 60 is fine too. Keep in mind there arent a ot of flops that look good for 8's, so when you flop an over pair, I think you should lead out with it and find out where you are. Having said how I would play it, I dont think playing passive in the early stages is a bad strategy. It allows the weak players to donk off their chips with things like AJ high. You can sit and wait for spots to be aggressive when you hav
  2. You will have to look on the site that it is from. Its just a benifit from the trianing site I belong to. I think you can even load one hand for free without being a member. Check it out! It was sooooo worth it!
  3. I know. The table went nuts!!!! That has happened to me before, but I was on the wrong end. When your hot, your hot!
  4. I played very aggressive in this and got lucky in some key spots. I satellited in for $15 and took it down for 19k!! http://www.pokerxfactor.com/HA171013/37353_20081127_073015/37353
  5. Thanks bob. Nice to hear from you!
  6. These short handed tourneys are great. The field is very soft. Here is the complete HH for viewing. http://www.pokerxfactor.com/HA167778/37353_20081110_165219/37353
  7. I would like to see them again too DD. Since I have moved up in stakes, I could acually participate.
  8. This sounds like me. You need to chips to go deep in these. I like looking for good spots to get in a big pot. I think this is a good enough draw to play.
  9. I think the play was fine. This is still very early so Im not sure what reads you have, but he is not showing much strength flat calling pre, and on the flop. The raise pre wasnt bad. The c-bet was standard as well. Im not folding after hitting my hand on the turn. If he had AK, he would reraise/shove pre most of the time. If he has AQ, or 2 pair with his Ax, then I would pay him off. Not much you can do. I have seen really good players like aaaaaaa play a super nit strategy until the blinds go up more. He might even fold pre here, or just limp, but I dont think you did anything wrong he
  10. Mr_Hand


    how do you cash out? Full Tilt never asked me for a social. I withdrawl at least once a month.
  11. I made the mistake of posting the results of the hand. Im sure that brought some bias opinions. I would tend to agree with you killer. If he thinks Ill check too much but will call a bit more, he's giving up value with big hand by not open raising to something. If he thinks Ill raise too much then he can be limp shoving a very wide value range.
  12. Its not a mistake. Pearljammed is his screen name on Full Tilt. This was Jon Turner.
  13. This was getting close to the money. About 100 more to cash. I need to chip up to have any chance. Is this a good enough spot? Or should I have folded with the way he limped? I didnt even take the time to think, which I regret. I made up my mind I was playing for stacks when I saw my cards. Full Tilt Poker No Limit Holdem Tournament Blinds: t150/t300 (Ante: t25) 9 players Converter Stack sizes: UTG: t21170 UTG+1: t15035 MP1: t9080 MP2: t19205 MP3: t12404 CO: t5512 Button: t13072 Pearljammed: t5340 Mr_Hand: t6420 Pre-flop: (9 players) Mr_Hand is BB with 7
  14. I used to kill these tables(fullring 9 handed) before I started playing tourneys. If you are at 9 tables, then you dont need to play your stack preflop with less than KK. even then, you will run into AA often. Its just poker. I would say dont stack off with QQ until you see a flop and no A or K. With the volume of hands your are playing, its not worth playing your stack for less. Not at that level. You can make way too much with bigger hands. And at 9 tables, those will come fast. GL

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