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  1. Will be playing at the Horseshoe from the 24th-30th of this month. I plan on playing the following events: 3 bullets in the $365 milly gtd ring event #1 25th/26th = $1095 1 bullet in the $580 50k gtd ring event #2 3/27 = $580 1 bullet in the $365 50k 6max ring event #4 3/29 = $365 1 bullet in the $365 100k gtd monster stack event #6 3/30 = $365 1 extra $365 bullet to fire in any event I choose, perhaps an event I bust quite early or event #3, 5 or 7. Will post which one I do. = $365 Total package = $2770 With 1.25mu package is $3460. 1% is $35 5% is $173 10% is $345. https://www.caesars.com/content/dam/uba/Gaming/Poker/WSOP-C/SCHEDULE.pdf Above is a link to the schedule. I'll be selling up to 25% I think. I'll be selling to repeat investors first, but if you're interested, just post on here and I'll let you know either way. I'll be playing regardless of how much I sell. I'll also be playing at the Hardrock in Florida in April so will be posting a package for that too at some point. Payments will be taken in cash, ACR, or Paypal. About me, I've been playing full-time since March of 2014 via a $500 deposit on Merge while in Japan and have been doing okay. The last REAL live tournaments (not local timbeys) I've played were the $400 and $1675 at Foxwoods and then Parx in October. Parx I repeat final tabled the $550 before getting the shaft. I've definitely gotten better since I started playing live last year and am ready/eager to play. Below is Hendon Mob and my Merge OPR. OPR and sharkscope don't track Merge anymore though. http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=405869 http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/CarbonPoker/MrMerow/poker/ratings/0DDDDFE42CF843E183524D0C5442C3FB.html?t=3 Most of my online results recently have been on Bovada and can't track that, but have definitely won 20k+ in the last 31 days from multiple tournaments and have been making lots of deep runs. If I don't play tournaments due to making day2s, sickness, whatever it may be, they will be refunded with the markup. *Payments are to be made prior to 3/24/16 at 10pm, otherwise your action can’t be accepted. *Tax arrangements will be made on any cash over $5k.
  2. Check requested 1/28 and processed 2/18.
  3. Check withdrawal requested 12/21/15, Just got approved 1/7/15. Will take time to receive the check, but shouldn't be too bad. Much better check times than before!
  4. Will be scraping this for doing a combined package with Andy Gonder.
  5. https://www.parxcasino.com/bigstax https://cdn.parxcasino.com/pdf/bigstax/2015.10.16-BS-1100.pdf Here's a link of the schedule as well as the tournament itself. I'll be firing two in the $550 this week, but won't be selling any action. Last time (a few months ago) I got 3rd for 28k.
  6. Merow's Parx Big Stax Package I will be selling up to 35%. Keep in mind that I'm telling people on Skype, but will be posting all the action bought on here. Payments will be accepted in cash or on paypal. 10/16: Big Stax $1100+100 Day1A 10/17: Big Stax $1100+100 Day1B Total = $2400 I will be firing two bullets, one on each day unless I bag day1A on the 16th. 1.2 Markup is in the parentheses so they're all roughly 1.2 mu: 1% is $29 ($28.80) 2% is $57.50 ($57.60) 5% is $142 ($144) 10% is $280 ($288) If I bag on Day1A, don't make the tournaments, etc. etc. backers will be compensated for the % that wasn't played, including markup. For example, if I bagged Day1A, a 10% stake of $280 would effectively cost $140 and $140 would be refunded, but still get 10% of whatever I win in the $1200 event. *Payments are to be made prior to 10/15/15 at noon, otherwise your action can’t be accepted. *Tax arrangements will be made on any cash over $5k.
  7. My check finished pending, but now it's been processing over a week which is really unusual. It always took a couple days in the past.
  8. So, my pending check since 3/10 is now processing. 15 weeks on the dot. Reqested a new check today (6/23). Hopefully that one's a bit quicker!
  9. Requested on 3/10 and nothing, but will post if and when it goes through.
  10. Requested 1/15 and finally after 8 fucking weeks it's processed 3/10. May have set a record on that one.
  11. Requested 1/15 and stillllllllllllllllll waiting.
  12. Fabofabe85 has 5% AGdoeswork has 10% Drewpeacoq8 has 5% Two private investors for 10% each. At 40% and done taking action.
  13. Will be going to the Horseshoe in Baltimore this Thursday to play in the WSOP circuit event there. I'm going to sell 30% of my action for anyone who's interested. I will be playing the following: 2/27-28: Event #2 250k gtd (three bullets) $365 each = $1095 3/2: Event #4 PLO = $365 3/3: Event #6 6max = $365 3/3: Event #7 H.O.R.S.E. = $365 Total = $2190 With roughly 1.1 markup included: 2% is $50. 5% is $125. 10% is $240. If I play an event for whatever reason, be it already making it to day2, etc. etc. backers will be compensated for that tournament including the markup. *Payments are to be made prior to 2/27/15 at 10am otherwise your action can’t be accepted. *Tax arrangements will be made on any cash over $5k. Cheers, Ian

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