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  1. Sent $350(starkstud) for Tiers 1,2 and 3. Your finish will be 2225th. glgl
  2. Happy New Year - New Years Rail Thread

    Well Done Bro! Keep it up, more to come!
  3. Morning everyone.

    Congrats dude! Keep it up!
  4. List your favorite poker players of all time!

    Dan Harrington Ilari Sahamies
  5. Can you please fix the table sizing, same issue as last time with new update. TY
  6. Hey 888 rep, Can we do something about this new update? I can't shrink my tables down to the size I used to, resulting in a 30% monitor space loss. Thanks
  7. Poker Probably Saved My Life

    Sick Run, Congrats!
  8. Next Poker Step?? Relocating

    Go to Thailand
  9. Awkward spot with 5 left in NJ daily major

    This is kinda gross. If he 3x's his entire range and steals enough then I like a Jam. You're 4/5 so not too worried about ICM(especially given the flat payouts) and you increase your stack by 25% picking up 40k most of the time. If you think he has a wide 4b spew, then id 3b induce. If we are in the BB, I could see flatting and c/r certain boards. If none of the above apply or you are that unsure, then folding is best.

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