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  1. Hello guys, my name is Ivan and I am a professional cash game player, I have been making a living for 4 years now playing anywhere from 1-3 to 5-10 sometimes. I recently have been stung by the tournament bug. I live in the USA so online play is out of the questions for me. I play online in carbon poker ( not great because of cash outs) but I play to keep my game sharp. I play about once a week or so and I have been doing decent. I had a live backer but he is going thru some personal problems with his family so he cant backed me for this tourney, I am looking for a full back where I take 35% of earning and rest goes to backer, I am doing it this way because I know I am fairly new to the tournament scene and even though I have won countless tourneys in my local casino, this are not reported and they are small t65 to 100 buy ins with 50 to 60 people so not much. The tournament will be held on april 10th in the River city casino in Missouri here is the link to it. http://www.hptpoker.com/eventinfo.php?yid=2015&eid=7 I am looking to play the main event only which is $1650 if anyone is interested please give me a shout, I will try my best to not disappoint. Best methods of deposit is paypal or Bank of amrica transfer. i will ship earnings via paypal or whatever is easier to you as soon as i cash and deposit the money. thank you guys and GOOD LUCK on the felt

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