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  1. Raise folding in early position with your 13bb stack isn't that great. You're better off either open shoving or just open folding since you are raise/folding too much of your stack. If you were going to m/r and you get 3b, it should be with intentions to get it all in but since you didn't have those intentions, you are better off open shoving or folding. -Randy Lew
  2. If you're considering folding the turn then you probably should strongly consider just folding on the flop when you get repop. There aren't many cards that are going to change the fate of the action in your favor that you could hope for on the turn so I think you're commitment decision should more be based during the flop.
  3. I imagine that anything you think you have an edge on the field in then it's worth playing. It's just relative to what's worth more...for example, different games...your time, etc
  4. Something to keep in mind is the positions. Given that you're on the button, it means there are only 2 other players left to act after you which greatly reduces the chance that someone wakes up w/ a hand. It would also be a disaster, if you called the shove and folded another shove given you would have put in way too much of your stack (25%~). Also there's the chance that someone reshoves and you fold to an AK type hand which you would be making a big mistake against, especially w/ the odds and the chance that they are sharing cards which increases your multiway equity. Whereas it's much less likely that the original shover is holding a card like '9' that reduces your equity as well as their being less cards in the deck that block your 'outs'. Lastly, I imagine that reshoving, maximizes your isolation potential. -Randy Lew
  5. Just curious, is a HUD important for tournament play? I imagine that the fields are so large that the sample sizes are tiny & the changes in the levels of the blinds happens too often which affects the HUD numbers. Thoughts?

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