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  1. ne2l_uk

    Hand History Review 1

    AJ (Last Hand), Call is bad, don't want to be seeing a multi-way flop you don't have the chips to do so, your investing >10% of your stack and going to have to fold most of the time. Instead I would jam, your ahead of the initial raisers and callers opening ranges so its a profitable shove against a general opening range. Obviously don't know how much mihailovda is opening - could be a fold if he is super tight (he is <20BB) but never flat calling here. Hand 133 (AK) im just going to jam AK, think you get max value this way, he will be calling with AJ, AQ for sure - if he flats you lose value, he can get away. Three betting a 20BB stack also looks very strong here and could force him to fold a dominated hand he would call your shove with. Hand 107 (JJ), you say you dont want to play a multiway pot so I would 3 bet a bigger here (2600ish)and you can jam any flop for < pot size or just jam pre. this will prevent playing a big pot oop, on the flop with a small stack after investing a 20% of your stack pre. The small 3 bet is going to lead to some chip spewing. Q-A are obv all scare cards, a jam prevents this. Interested to see what others say. Cheers for the vid

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