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  1. i wasnt comparing Kimbo to Carwin, but the HW division is so thin that a guy like Lesnar and Carwin get shots after so few fights, and so few legit top 5 fights. I just dont see whats to hate about Kimbo, he is a real dude trying to eat and feed his family and the best way he knows how is to use his fists, better him getting beat on or beating on ppl in the octogan then on the street. He turned down big $ to try to prove himself, he wants to show he is more then a thug, is he?? Time will tell, he has been training with a real team, and if you dont think he is a natural athlete or puncher, i dont know what to say, you dont see many Kimbo Slice built guys around my area. Like Rampage, i am a fan of the way he fights, and i think he has the ability to drop some of the guys there, if he doesnt, so be it, respect to him, he is coming in the game late, mostly on power and toughness. Glad you respect Krav Maga Doc ;) by far my fav techniques and so much easier to learn then most martial arts, cut thru all the bs (lets face, most things you will learn in most traditional martial arts sucks ass for the street). Im interested to see how Kimbos Krav Maga will be for MMA (ive seen it done, with limited success, so much of it is "dirty"), but mostly im just cheering for him cuz he is a street fighter, i like that. I will find it interesting if anybody tries to clown Kimbo in the house, but i doubt that happens or if it does, it will be pure friendly, as it seems Big Wes, Nelson and Kimbo were all very friendly in post TUF interviews about each other.

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