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  1. Peculiar. It was not a real money game. I don't believe it was my 'gold coins' they were targeting. Whether or not they were beta testing, however before playing for real money with less blatant usernames is unknown. Support guarantees <24 hour response time but has still not replied. I will update the thread with their response, if they ever write back to me..
  2. Poker Community, I am a player who has been involved in the online community since the inception of online poker. I am a United States player and have been 'offline' and playing in real casino's since the legislation passed over a decade ago prohibiting online play in the US. I recently saw an ad for a site called "GlobalPoker" offering real money action to US players. Intrigued, I created an account and decided to test the water using the 5000 'gold coins' I got for creating a new account. I am a tournament player and naturally was drawn to the tournaments. After not receiving the promotional "$2 in sweep$ cash for new players" I was slightly discouraged but, whatever. In my 2nd tournament I registered for a 4-player turbo tournament and was surprised to be faced with three bots, all bearing similar names. I took a screenshot (see attached) and after beating all 3 players who were clearly colluding against me, I filed a report to GlobalPoker through their helpticket option. That was 4 days ago. Today I attempted to log in (out of boredom) and found that my account has been blocked (see attached screen shot). I still have not heard back from the poker room. I wasn't going to make a big deal about this but I'm infuriated that first I encountered colluding bots, and now I'm being dodged by management who also blocked my account. I highly encourage everyone to stay far away from this site. I've attached a screen shot showing the table at which I sat and management's reaction to my claim of collusion. Regards, nhggty

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