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  1. Seems pretty obvious. I agree.
  2. just took 3rdin the Hundo. Shoulda won.
  3. I HAVE won the sunday 109r turbo aaaand won the hundo twice in a week.
  4. Am I the only player to have won the Turbo Hundo (several times) the $216 Turbo 40k, and the Turbo Hundred Rebuy on Full Tilt? I also won a turbo 109 on stars fwiw. end brag.
  5. Obviously all great ideas. Who could be oppose? I also like the idea of a bigger Saturday tourney, possibly 6 max.
  6. Heh. I wasn't passing any judgement as to whether or not they colluded, but rather I was just wondering if I had funds coming to me. If not, it's no biggie. Thanks for the replies guys.
  7. PokerStars Game #21368881234: Tournament #113896171, $150+$12 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXV (10000/20000) - 2008/10/21 3:38:42 ET Table '113896171 89' 9-max Seat #9 is the button Seat 1: CPT CRUX (234472 in chips) <--------------------------Me Seat 3: PapaHarkin (234067 in chips) Seat 4: JasonGray (338635 in chips) Seat 5: drwear (294816 in chips) Seat 6: voigt2006 (959342 in chips) Seat 7: papadelpoker (594928 in chips) Seat 9: mjluth (322740 in chips) CPT CRUX: posts the ante 2000 PapaHarkin: posts the ante 2000 JasonGray: posts the ante 2000 drwear: posts the ante 2000 voigt2006: posts the ante 2000 papadelpoker: posts the ante 2000 mjluth: posts the ante 2000 CPT CRUX: posts small blind 10000 PapaHarkin: posts big blind 20000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to papadelpoker [9s 5c] JasonGray: raises 31250 to 51250 drwear: folds voigt2006: folds papadelpoker: folds mjluth: folds CPT CRUX: folds PapaHarkin: calls 31250 *** FLOP *** [Ac Jh 4c] PapaHarkin: checks JasonGray: checks *** TURN *** [Ac Jh 4c] [7h] Hegeldom [observer] said, "dude Im sick...thought this was going to be the one for me..ouch...Im steaming" PapaHarkin: bets 83217 Hegeldom [observer] said, "GD AK vs AA the sb and the bb" Hegeldom [observer] said, "killing me dealer" JasonGray has timed out JasonGray: folds Uncalled bet (83217) returned to PapaHarkin JasonGray is sitting out JasonGray has returned JasonGray said, "ekl;dflsf" PapaHarkin collected 126500 from pot PapaHarkin: shows [Ks Ah] (a pair of Aces) Is there any chance I am getting paid? I took 7th.
  8. well what the hell are my other options? I play exclusively on FTP.
  9. I am getting a failure message when I try to withdraw to checking. Anyone else having problems?
  10. I'll be going to school in the fall too. I am a bit of a force pound for pound, if I don't say so myself. Anyone kick it at sidelines? Aliby?
  11. I am a small/med stakes NL full time pro who recently moved to Arcata, CA. Online poker is rather antisocial and I don't know many ppl out here. I was wondering if there are any other pros who would be down to get together for a drink and discuss poker etc.
  12. FTP down?

    Is full tilt down? I cant connect.
  13. I won. No losing months, 25hr/week.
  14. I donated my stack to Roothlus with 12 left. You're welcome.

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