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  1. Thanks Ozzie. I think you, and most berals, have your heart in the right place. You're not looking to exploit anyone and you want everyone to have opportunities to better themselves. Most Republicans, believe it or not, agree. Liberals a good people that are ignorant. Not dumb at all but ignorant. Start a non-subsidized business and you will no longer have the same thoughts nor ignorance. Business is a dog eat dog war. Hugs don't pay the bills. Hugs and good intentions don't fend of a competitor that charges less for similar products and services. Obviously there are several business like Starbucks or delta or Amazon that NOW can afford to be liberal and make hiring and pay decisions based on feelings vs skills because they're huge companies. But for every one of those there's hundreds of business ow.ers that wen bankrupt trying to build their business on emotions.

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