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  1. The key part of the phrase is "at Kabul airport". Tons of other weapons and planes left operational all over the country
  2. Why don't the people.coming from Mexico illegally get tested for covid before being released into the states awaiting their "hearing"?
  3. Who do you think they hung?
  4. He's talking about REinfection if you had it vs original infection if you haven't had it and you know this.
  5. The Emperor has no clothes. God help our country and the world with Biden as the most powerful man on the planet
  6. If masks work, why didn't they work??
  7. Th Cuomo brothers approve of the timing of this implosion
  8. We safe healthy lifestyle people pay for the fatties and smokers and risk takers in many ways. They also make life worse for healthy lifestyle folks in many ways. I got the jab but it's stupid to force others, especially pre pubescent and those of childbearing age. How T.F. do we know what it could do to babies and puberty?
  9. I'd be all.for this if you include fattys and smokers
  10. Aren't you doing this with the KKK and Republicans?
  11. Best thread ever. Epic. Will read agIn!
  12. Did you know when you get a new kidney they leave the old one in still? I think the new one goes in the front by your stomach or something.
  13. Is this a fake story to get a BBQ grill or true story for tix to Dolphins game? Either way, I'm in for the gofundme. Healthy people have have 1,000 wishes, sick people only have one. -Tony Robbins
  14. Isn't it easier to just admit the left mislead on purpose? And it was a doozy which spiked murder, suicide, anxiety, divorce, alcoholism and bankruptcy. But all worth it to gain power, virtue signal and hit Trump. Bizarre how much the lfet truly hates both this Country and its citizens, especially the most vulnerable (young and lost).

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