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  1. I am not sure induce is the right word here. Unless there are definately some super aggro players on your table. If everyone was 10-15 bb deep then you could min raise here and maybe induce a shuv from a tiny pair or a QJs or something. But with most of your table having you well covered a min raise from your stack/position looks super strong. With KK or AA here I think 3 - 3.5X raise could get you a caller or 2 pre flop from the big stacks. This way you can get value when non one has a hand good enough to call a shuv. Raise any smaller and you risk multiple callers which would not be great, but I wouldn't be too unhappy about it. With the 3- 3.5X raise any of the big stacks with 88+, AJ+ and probably ATs are still likely to shove or re-raise to isolate you. And since these are the hands calling your shuv anyway you lose no value verses these hands by raising instead of folding. Sure, you risk the BB calling with any shitty Ax and flopping an ace, but you can still save yourself if this happens. But you want him calling with any shitty Ax, which he probably wont if you shuv. In essence you need to be maximising value here with KK and AA with 10bb. You will always get action from 88+, AJ+ and ATs, shuv or raise. But you also need to try to suck some value out of hands that are never calling a shuv but are too pretty to fold to a raise from a short stack. The other huge added value by raising here instead of folding, especially from your position is this. Say one of the big stacks makes that call with a pretty suited connector, but then someone else wakes up with a TT+ or big Ace. They will likely re-raise to isolate. You can then get it in with those extra 3-3-5bb in the pot. And often the big stack suited connector guy still pays to see the flop anyway. Shuvving pre is still a nice profitable play, but I think you can squeeze a little more value out of it by raising to 3 or 3.5X. 77-QQ i am just shuvving here. Just too risky letting someone in cheap with all those overcards to hit on the flop.

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