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  1. It just blows my mind that this has not been addressed. Was playing an 8max mtt today and I find myself at the table with 6 players from Ogre, Latvia. And one from Belarus. So I did some sharkscoping. 4 of the names were locked so you couldn't see the stats or graphs. but the other 2 were not. and they looked strangely similar....before we go any further I would like to say that if these players are legit then im not trying to degrade their hard work they have spent into getting good at their craft. but theres just too many coincidences to not look into this.... 1) bubine - locked 2) arocquetA - locked 3) gluckauf - 6k games $40k profit 4) puQQilist - 1900 games $13k profit 5) Gallagher - locked 6) Keevy - locked 7) paymealot (Belarus) - 4300 games $13k profit All of the players named all have something in common other than being from ogre or Belarus. they all play on the poker kings skin. couple of them even play 20+ hours a day. theres just too many red flags to not look further into this. theres a hand full of other names i have written down with similar graphs and stats. by now most of us have seen the joey ingram video. he mentions Belarus and bots and shady skins. why isn't anything being done? some of these accounts have been open for years and have taken who knows how much money off the site. i know im not the only one whos noticed this stuff?

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