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  1. Bryn Kenney Adrian Mateos Jason Koon Justin Bonomo Jake Schindler
  2. just to be clear I don't mind olson but I would not use him as a anchor across all teams..he is just a guy..consistent but unspectacular mix it up
  3. just a few thoughts...I do not believe contrarian pick are the the best play..I have had the most success with teams that I had high percentage picked players...I only play big leagues and if you don't have a high percentage guy that has a monster game you will have a hard time cashing against the the 25% that did...sometimes you will end up with contarian picks if they surpass expectation great but more often they will blow up your game...look at winning teams and it may seem like they are getting lucky they had every top guy but they usually will have a high % lineup also....as for the lineups posted,I will only comment on the draft kings since i know the combinations that can be worked..I like rolling with a lower price qb also...I think you can do better than Shorts and I would pass on Stacy I also would mix up the TE I can understand Olsen but Cameron will be a high % pick and if he goes off you put yourself behind...I also pay for Defense,it can be a 15 pt or more difference because you want to roll with bad Defenses...its a low percentage play... you cant afford to take anything under 10 pts you won't make it up...I think the 530/109 team is pretty good id swap shorts with cameron in flex and jets for NE def salary fits...anyhow good luck
  4. the names are not even at the top of my list..priority would be the sounds/alerts,center seating and popup when in turn..don't know how many times I found myself "sitting out" today and the hands take so long to play out it seems..small stuff that can be fixed..I never used hud anyhow..it is kinda a bummer and a little sketchy without names but not a deal breaker for me..although it was kinda cool playing last night with 3-4 guys at the same table that I used to play with like 4 years ago..won't know now... but I will stick it out since im just filling a little online poker jones and in 5-6 years of playing bodog off and on they have never done me wrong as far as payouts and I don't trust any other place right now..I do like the increase in tourneys also..fix the little nagging details and it's all good...bodog spree
  5. I probably posted in the other editions also but failed...see you next year
  6. so there is a option to join group...is there a pocketfives group or we already in it?...my team QB Donovan McNabb, PHI QB RB Cedric Benson, CIN RB RB Matt Forte, CHI RB WR Anquan Boldin, ARI WR WR Marques Colston, NO WR WR Vincent Jackson, SD WR TE Tony Gonzalez, ATL TE PK Stephen Gostkowski, NE PK DF MIN Team Defense, MIN DF RB/WR/TE Leon Washington, NYJ RB BENCH QB Shaun Hill, SF QB QB Matt Leinart, ARI QB RB Fred Jackson, BUF RB RB Rashard Mendenhall, PIT RB WR Percy Harvin, MIN WR WR Bobby Wade, MIN WR WR Kevin Walter, HOU WR TE Visanthe Shiancoe, MIN TE PK Kris Brown, HOU PK DF NYJ Team Defense, NYJ DF
  7. even his blog is gone..dude must have been banned from the internets
  8. thanks man I guess maybe it was deleted but good looking out
  9. I tried the search but no luck does anyone remember the name of the dude who was teaching in China and banging chicks?...I wanted to show my friend that thread he will be teaching in China also...thanks if you can help
  10. I saw quads over quads on bodog tonight..that was a first for me 77 vs 99 7x9 7 9 oh the drama
  11. I have been playing bodog off and on since they started the poker room so I would defiantly consider myself a bodog loyalist...but between the payments problems which caused my last long hiatus from the site and the tourney schedule it's not looking good...they need players and that means they have to have low-mid buyin guarantees...the people will play if the buyin is fair and the guarantee is fair..the $10 9pm 5k does pretty good and the 2 that started at 1030 and 1040 were 2 you could play together but they again lowered the 1030 and got rid of the 1040 alltogether ...bottom line is tourneys with a $7-$30 buyin and guarantees with 4k-12k are the best ways to attract players with a no risk of a large overlay...I mean what's the point of playing a 5k Guar for $75?

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