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  1. Over the past couple years, there's been a few major changes to the online MTT landscape. One is the emergence of the reentry format across many of the major online poker sites. The second is the growth of the highstakes reentry MTT scene, especially on Party Poker. I'll expand a little bit below, but together I think in some ways it skews the P5 Rankings, a ranking system calculated solely on a players largest 40 cashes. Several years ago I don't remember many sites having reentry, IIRC. But reentry is ubiquitous now. On PartyPoker I believe most every tournament is reentry. On 888 many tournaments are reentry, but especially the highstakes tournaments. Even Pokerstars has made the Sunday Million reentry and incorporated reentry in some of their "prestigious" COOP events including their Main Event. WinningPokerNetwork/ACR and Winamax are entirely reentry. Ipoker is reentry, Merge is reentry. You get the point. Players play reentries different ways. Some regs fire their 1 shot and only if the bust immediately do they ever fire a 2nd bullet. Other regs max register until the very end, even if their ROI on those bullets are marginal or even negative. Other regs have the bankroll to fire multiple reentries but still don't want to reenter a 530 with 15bb for whatever reason. In 2017, reentering a $530 with 15bb or less is very standard, especially on PartyPoker. Which speaking of PartyPoker, has really changed the highstakes scene for those not aware. It's exciting but here are the numbers. There are two daily 530 reentries now. On Sundays there are three 215 reentries, two 530 reentries, and one 5200 reentry. During series time now in September, there are three daily 530 reentries. And Sundays have...four 530 reentries and two 5200 reentries, and since it's series time a special sunday 10k reentry or a 25k reentry. And many regs are reentering til the last minute....regs are loading 20k onto their Party accounts Saturday night and blowing through all 20k by Sunday night. And that's if they're skipping the special superhighroller events. As for the other sites briefly, 888 has a sunday 1k reentry, during series time a 2k and 5k reentry. Pokerstars has 530s, 1k reentry, 2k reentry, 5k, 10k, 25k reentry events this month. WinningPoker networks BOSS series has many 540s-2ks that are all reentry. Which goes to the crux of the matter, which is just that rankings are more of a reflection of someone's bankroll (or bankroll idiocy) than it ever was before. How many guys ranked high in top 300 pocketfives spots have big Partypoker scores for P5s but still down lifetime 100k or 200k on their PartyPoker account? Way more than I had realized before. A mediocre reg (or even a really bad reg) max reentering 215s, 530s, 5200s is just going to be ranked way higher than a better player who is more cautious. I understand a system based on ROI has its flaws and is intrusive to player privacy, so I am not advocating that type of ranking system. But the fact that everything in 2017 is reentry really skews the rankings, because some regs have 2x or 3x the entries as other regs to try to get a big score for the rankings. The barrier to entry so-to-speak has become tougher...if you're not prepared to go on massive 6 figure bankroll swings re-entering 1ks with 15BB it really makes it much much tougher to be ranked high on pocketfives. Merely wanted to point out that this is the environment the ranking system is operating under today. And I don't have a better idea, which is why I'm just posting the reality, because maybe someone out there has suggestions or thoughts on the matter. Cheers. Cliffs: Industry-wide adoption of online reentry MTT tournaments in recent years, especially highroller reentry MTTs, have given massive re-entering, massively bankrolled regs an advantage in the PocketFives Rankings
  2. If only the american ppl had a chance to vote him president....oh wait
  3. Contributing to society is for suckers. The social contract for young men was broken a long time ago fellas.
  4. Was actually wondering the other day if the rankings today are a lot more volatile than they were 5 years ago. Since today the standard of play is higher, thus edges smaller, and the top players have refined their game enough that the edges between them have also grown smaller. Most players in the top few hundred rankings are probably just a heater away from a top 10 ranking. Not sure how much that was the case pre-black friday if the elite players were a clear cut above the rest.
  5. I once saw him quadruple barrel after the flop.
  6. Might have to make a deposit and play this shitty series after all.
  7. You mean it's only USA degens who reenter the 215 high roller 8 times on any given night? For a 12.5k guarantee, makes perfect sense. The rest of the world living on 10k/year do the same thing, duh.
  8. Extremely weak schedule. The guarantees are the same as they were a week ago on Merge before they got lowered. And very few fun events...it's basically the weekly schedule with a 10% increase in guarantees. I'd love to see some 20R, 30R, 50Rs or like a random 109 20k thrown somewhere in during the week. Is this just another attempt for Merge to strangle PokerHost? I'm guessing just like last series PokerHost will be excluded from any guarantees over 10k. Will there be a leaderboard this time?
  9. It's worrisome you suspect ghosting which is becoming more and more prevalent; hopefully these guys were just ballers who played reckless early to gain a big stack even if it meant throwing away a few buyins. ROW regs have been playing and improving against the best in the world the past 2.5 years, while Americans today just play other Americans most of whom didn't play pre-black friday or weren't big. There's a large skills gap b/w the 2 groups, and doesn't surprise me at all how obscure ROW screennames appear and crush overnight.
  10. I have him running a 16/11 with a 5.6 3bet percentage over 500 hands. If he was completely running over tables, you'd see it bare minimum at a 25/20 and closer to 10% 3bet. Pretty significant difference. Obviously he's a solid player who makes good decisions deep under pressure, but since he's not running over people given my limited stats means it's probably more a case of run-good. That being said, I'm jealous as fuck, congratulations waq.
  11. I'll be in too. Sign me up with tedstretch's team.
  12. Shove. Yeah occasionally you may be up against aa or kk feel like an idiot putting in 100bb with ak. But you're way ahead of Villain 1's range, and still ahead of villain 2's range (and more so if villain 2 knows villain 1 is loose from past experience). And you have some fold equity on villain 2.
  13. I used to have wrist pain so bad I'd get tingling from my fingertips up to my elbow. So bad that I had to take off days of grinding cuz my wrist was so sore. Then I spent 40 bucks and bought a logitech trackball and my pain disappeared. It's a lifesaver. It also greatly helps to stretch out each individual finger before a session and during breaks, and to push your hand against a wall to stretch out your wrist. Doing these exercises are as if not more important than they type of mouse you have.
  14. 5-bet size?

    Your sizing on the 3bet is rather small for being out of position. Typically both opponents are going to call that raise, and then you're playing a 3handed pot where you're first to act every round and many times it's probably going to take 2 barrels to take it down. Plus you may have big kicker troubles since AJ and KQ are definitely in your opponents' ranges. Just flat preflop, and pick your future spots where you have position.

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