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  1. Anyone who follows any sport knows ACLs are one of the most serious and time consuming injuries. It is a lot different for Conor to pull out 4 months from the Diaz fight with a blown knee than RDA pulling out 2 weeks before a fight with a bruised foot. He looks so much worse cryptically announcing his retirement and then a couple hours later getting pulled for not wanting to attend pressers lol. Of all fucking things a Presser, which has arguably made him a bigger star than his actual fights. I think he was deadlocked in a dispute with the UFC over pay. Tried to make a statement announcing fake retirement, being that it is the biggest sports story of the day on a slow Tuesday to remind Dana how big of a star he is. Dana says not so fast, fuck you and makes up this hokey story making Conor look like a bitch. ACL would come off so much better imo

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