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  1. Ya I e-mailed support, hard to believe this is the only cashout service. I'm guessing people in other countries don't have to pay 3.95% to cashout or very few people would play on the site. Not much will surprise me in the poker world after black friday, but this just seems ridiculous. Can't an intern send the money to his account and then send it to me via venmo or something extremely simple and I'll pay him $100 or something? Hi, is there a way to withdraw my money without using entropay which charges 3.95% for processing fee? This seems ridiculous for this sum of money, I'm trying to withdraw $19,144, so it would cost me $756 to withdraw my money? Can you just send it to my bank account or a free processing system like venmo? Thanks, Peter Neff paymentservices@starsaccount.com To: Jun 20 at 11:44 PM Hello Peter, Thank you for your email. I am afraid that the only option available for you at the moment is Entropay. We do not charge any fees for withdrawing with Entropay; however you may be charged a fee by your bank for receiving the funds, Peter and I am very sorry for that but there is nothing we can do to avoid it as Entropay is the only withdrawal option for you. I do sincere apologize for the inconvenience and I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. Good luck at our tables! Regards, Margherita PokerStars Payment Services

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