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  1. Lets go guys message odi for his paypal info and pay up! Lets get this crackilacking
  2. We finished 177/700+ runners in the 150k it payed 99 players. I really appreciate all the investments and i am disappointed i did not produce in any of the events in the package. Better luck next time and again thanks guys...
  3. We did not cash tonight in the 20k. Tomorrow is the 150k lets goooo!
  4. Lost ak<1010 in event #27 pretty much around starting stack the whole game nothing going. I Did get 2nd in Event #28 which I one a satty for on Saturday but that event was not in my package. Sorry guys. BUT WE have 2 left a 20k on Saturday and the 150k on sunday.
  5. Lost with JJ in both one ran into KK and other into ak aipf on j10 flop . 7.5k tonight
  6. busted out of all 3 went out pretty early in the 5k, went out 303/537 in the 100k and went out 60th of 230 in the 20k payed 30. next up tomorrow event #24 the 20k and #25 7.5k
  7. finished 88/295 in the 20k pays 45 lost momentum when KK ran into A2 and lost to a flush aipf then lost a flip AJss < 88 also busted the 10k lost 2 pair to higher 2 and lost 2 pair to backdoor flush and ak to 99 to qq on AQ flop. Next event was supposed to be Event #18 a $55 7.5k turbo but i cant play saturday so will save the $55 for Event #27 on Tuesday October 20th which is $55 also but a non turbo event. Next tourneys up for me is this Sunday : Event 19, 20 23
  8. out of Event 8 in the 7.5k turbo 6 max kicked out jon borenstein and he gets me on his 2nd bullet AQ < JJ aipf AJKQ5 runout. Next up tomorrow Event 9 109 20kgtd and Event 10 20rebuy 10kgtd
  9. finished 62/320 man field in Event #5 payed 45 i shoved 1010 with 15bbs in mp and ran into QQ and KK to finish about 17 off the money , pretty much nothing going really all tourney but we played our best. up next Event #8 tomorrow the $55 7.5k gtd

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