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  1. if you are really looking to make a living off of live poker there are a lot of things you could do to shave off some of those expenses you listed #1 you can move closer to the casino, if you live half as close your gas expense becomes half as much #2 instead of doing 8 hours a day for 7 days you can do longer sessions in less days 11 hours/day for 5 days comes out to basically the same hours/week and you only need to drive 5 times instead of 7 #3 bring your own water! paying $113 a week on water? is that a joke, thats more than you allotted for meals. bring a large bottle or 2 from home, fill it from the tap or a britta, you just saved $113 a week (even if you are getting waters from the waitresses, 2 bottles an hour seems like a lot anyways) the tipping thing is a difficult topic, a lot of people would say if you are playing to make a living, not tipping or tipping less is the way to go. many other people wouldnt feel comfertable doing this so ill leave the tipping part alone if you live closer so that its $10 a day driving, drive 5 times a week, and bring your own water, you save $203/week from your scenerio

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