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    Traveling, all sports, meeting new people, and of course bubbling any final table
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    PLO drunk 5-10
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    NLH or PLO $1-1k

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  1. I would probably have to raise trying to get it in on flop like 5-6k hopefully putting some pressure on him and getting him to possibly shove the draw hands. Obv kind of have to put him on some form of draw/multi draw, flatting just seems tragic if one of the numerous scare cards comes on turn and he can get you off it or suck out. Shit out of luck if he already has you really imo, def cant just open fold. A flat also plays your hand kind of face up since most people would rarely be floating here with air in the situation and stack sizes compared to a raise that could look bluffy that a few people would try. How'd it end up playing out?

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