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    part time poker player/full time student
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    KGB's basement
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    Basketball, volleyball, pokerrrss
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    2/4 to $5/$10 PLO
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  1. lynskey99's response doesn't explain anything, just calls out Jay for slaping him in the mouth, which he maybe deserves anyways. Transaction history doesn't show the possibility of dumping money in cash games or sit n gos, a playing audit is needed for that. And no lynskey99 it's not an invasion of your privacy when you're playing with someone elses money, send the audit and clear things up if you have nothing to hide.
  2. Wow thanks for making me smile guys :) GL at the tables!
  3. he superused me once or twice, but I think after that he felt bad for me and stopped
  4. congrats man, boggles my mind how badly uve dominated 1ks online, wow
  5. unreal thats so sick, congrats man!
  6. Hate seeing you at my table tbh :) You sound very level minded and controlled, so I'm wondering what is the most degen thing uve ever done?
  7. GL to all of you, sadly i wont be much of a competition for awhile :(
  8. Great run In the Wcoop Me sir!Truly skilled!

  9. GL in WCOOP main man. I'll be railing. Go Canada!

  10. congrats sicko, save some money for the rest of us

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