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  1. 888poker continues to bring additional value their own Sunday tournament grinders with a full-blown ‘sale’ on a number of their most popular tournaments this weekend. This Sunday, players can open up the 888poker client and register for a half-price version of the $50,000 Whale, the $100,000 Mega Deep and the $20,000 Sunday Challenge. All three tournaments may have the buy-in cut, but their original guarantees will stay intact making it an amazing opportunity to take a shot at boosting the bankroll. 888poker Half-Price Tournament Schedule Event Original Buy-In Reduced Entry $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep $215 $109 $50,000 Sunday Sale Whale $1,050 $530 $20,000 Sunday Sale Challenge $109 $55 In recent weeks, poker sites across the board have been making moves while competing for the tournament dollars of those that put in heavy Sunday MTT schedules. Special tournament series, massive guarantees and, in the case of PokerStars, even permanently reducing the price of their flagship Sunday Million tournament to $109. 888poker has been extremely active in creating new promotions for their customers as well. The Sunday Sale is another one of 888poker’s recent promotions aimed at bringing additional value to their weekend schedule. Just last month, on February 3, 888poker debuted a schedule of rake-free tournaments, dubbed RakeLESS. The promotion was a hit with their customers and the field of the $100,000 Mega Deep grew by roughly 50% from the previous week. Then again, on February 17, the site brought back the rake free promo and, as it had just weeks prior, the Mega Deep field soared to over 730 runners - an increase of 250 players from the week before. This weekend's Sunday Sale promotion offers players a different type of value by slashing the entirety of the buy-in. While not rake-free, the lower price point should open the door to tournament grinders who would not normally have these tournaments in their schedule. The fields for each contest could end up being flush with runners who are playing these tournaments for the very first time thanks to the allure of a five-figure payday. Just last week, 888poker player ‘Turrrible’ turned what was a $215 buy-in into a first-place prize of over $19K. In fact, the top three players all picked up five-figure scores while the entirety of the final table earned no less than $2K. Perhaps the only thing better than a half-price entry into one of 888poker’s marquee events is getting in for free. On March 2, 888poker is holding a free qualifier that will guarantee 50 seats to their own flagship tournament, the $100,000 Mega Deep. Getting an invite is easy. Players can pick up their own entry to the qualifier by making a deposit of $30 or more on 888poker while using the promo code: SundaySale. At least 50 players from the qualifier will pick up a $55 entry into the Mega Deep. In addition to the aforementioned promotional qualifier, both the Mega Deep and the Sunday Challenge are running non-stop satellites to allow players who are managing smaller bankrolls ample opportunity to get in on the action. With satellites starting as low as $0.01, players can work their way up the satellite tree and pick up both $55 and/or $109 tickets.

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